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An Easy Way to Start a New Permaculture Garden

I think that many people find it daunting to start a new permaculture garden as it appears to be a lot of work, especially digging to prepare the space. However this need not be the case, as there are ways of starting your garden without any digging whatsoever. I certainly found this the most discouraging thing, especially as the surrounding area was overgrown with kikuyu grass and various other weeds. […]

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Climate Change Adaptation Technologies – Permaculture Design Brings Results

// Climate Change Adaptation technology: Stone Lines (The Sahel)(More videos below) It’s uber exciting to see simple design solutions bringing yields, low-carbon prosperity and health, to people who would otherwise suffer needlessly. Watch the excellent videos below to see how permaculture land management techniques are spreading across Africa and beyond, and giving communities an insurance against the growing threat of climate change — a problem these small-holder farmers had no […]

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Cow Horns, Weeds and Worms (Lesotho)

Miles Durand (right), in Lesotho Introduction Lesotho is a small, mountainous country in Southern Africa. There has been an alarming two third reduction in its food production since colonial times. The signs and causes are self-evident and can be seen on the landscape and within the population. There is an urgent need to move the existing agriculture, in decline, to one of ascendancy in food production, and return the soil […]

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Mark Shepard’s Proven Technique – “Sheer, Total, and Utter Neglect” (video)

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.25.41 pm

Broadacre permaculturist Mark Shepard takes us on a tour of his 106-acre farm, where he grows dozens of crops with almost no care at all. Mark tells you how, twenty years ago, he and friends put thousands of varieties of perennials in the ground, and left them there. Now, parts of his farm that are completely unattended are growing 14 different kinds of food.

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Living Soil Saves Lives!

A non-profit teaches a soil education program to combat the farmer suicide epidemic in rural India. By Tejal Heblekar, and edited by Eileen Mello A few kilometers from the Bay of Bengal in the Indian state of Orissa, rural farmers have gathered around a microscope to see what lies hidden in the ground. The Hummingbird Project, an American based non-profit organization, has equipped a soil laboratory with a microscope and […]

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Humus – the Essential Ingredient (TEDx video)

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.15.22 pm

Learn all about Humus, the layer of soil essential for healthy food production which is being gradually depleted by unsustainable farming practices.

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Allan Savory – Reversing Global Warming while Meeting Human Needs (videos)

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 9.31.13 pm

Allan Savory never ceases to amaze and encourage me. It was really great seeing him present his recent TED Talk — and we now have another opportunity to see him speak. Tufts University hosted an event where he was given the floor to discuss Holistic Management and the many challenges and successes experienced in its development.

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Soils and Forestry Presentation (video)

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.21.18 am

by Paul Wheaton Mark Vander Meer gives a presentation on soil science as it relates to forestry. I was presenting in another room at the same time, so Mark gave permission to Jocelyn Campbell to record this for me. Once I saw it, I thought it was so good, that I asked Mark if it was okay to put it up on YouTube. Mark is a soil scientist who works […]

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Managing the Working Chicken (video)

Almost everyone who is exposed to permaculture concepts has seen the above graphic (from Bill Mollison’s Introduction to Permaculture). It’s a great way to get people thinking about how to create whole, functional systems that use different elements (like a chicken) in combination with other elements (like those found in your garden), to save labour and increase productivity. It is for many an eye-opening concept, but one that is quickly […]

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Reversing Climate Change in Just Ten Years, With Plants!

We are all pretty concerned these days about the ongoing battle for biodiversity and life on this planet. With new seed regulation in the EU, The Monsanto Rider in the US, the failure to prevent colony collapse of the global bee population, financial crisis, war crisis, humanitarian crisis, and probably countless other worrisome processes not on our radar yet, politics and economics prove to be disabled and defunct in setting […]

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Cows and Plows: Transformation Solutions

Though too often vilified, both ‘cows’ and ‘plows’ have proven to be among our most effective and available tools for restoring healthy ecological and eco-agricultural systems in our landscapes. Bucking the trend in conservation that has denounced these tools from early on was Aldo Leopold – perhaps best known for his influential Land Ethic from 1948. In his earlier, groundbreaking book about working with ecosystems and wildlife, Game Management (1933), […]

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John Todd Living Machines Lecture

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