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Drumstick Tree

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by Isabell Shipard. For more plant info, check out Isabell’s excellent books in our book section. Photo credit: Melanie Brown Also known as Horseradish Tree, Marango Tree, Murunga, Kelor, Shobhanjan, Ben Tree and Moringa Tree. Moringa oleifera syn. M. pterygosperma F. Moringaceae Description: A handsome, multi-purpose, small legume tree, 3-8 metres tall, fast growing and drought hardy, with a shady, leaf canopy of very attractive tripinnate ferny foliage, making its […]

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The Carob

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PIJ #58, March-May 1996 by Frances Lang Carob, or St John’s Bread, is known in the botanical world as Ceratonia siliqua from the Caesalpiniaceae family. It is a small to medium sized, long-lived evergreen tree with dense foliage. Leaves are glossy, green, round and leathery, new growth is bronze coloured. Trees are single sexed and so will need a male and female tree to produce pods. One male tree can […]

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Chia: Crop Potential and Uses


Editor’s Note: Today we get some practical tips from Isabell Shipard, a lady whose work I featured recently. You’ll hear from Isabell from time to time – helping us get to know a little more about the herbs and other plants whose attributes, uses and benefits are often unknown or ignored. For a lot more info like this, consider purchasing one of Isabell’s really excellent books – you can find […]

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Our Seeds: Seeds Blong Yumi

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3 Minute Trailer “Our Seeds: Seeds Blong Yumi” is a fifty-seven minute film shot in eleven countries and made for Pacific audiences that celebrates traditional foods and the plants they grow from. The film introduces to the people of the Pacific the varied people who save seeds and stand at the source of humanity¹s diverse food heritage. This is a David and Goliath story where resilience and persuasive logic triumph […]

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‘Project Thoreau’ Updates


Ezanee Cooper gives us some excellent updates on progress with ‘Project Thoreau‘. Use the comments form below to share your knowledge and help develop Ezanee’s plot, or to ask questions that might help you develop your own. Project Thoreau –September / October 2008 Update The garden has undergone a bit of a revamp. The bean patch was tidied up to reduce the number of hiding places for slugs and snails, […]

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Look Locally, See Globally


It’s just amazing how many of life’s lessons can be learned in the garden. It is also amazing that even though we think we have an understanding of things they don’t truly hit home until we experience them for ourselves. I had quite a jolt last week as I searched for my bush basil. I considered myself to have a deep affiliation with the plant. It grew for me when […]

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Dynamic Seed Exchanges for the World

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Exchanging seeds and other planting material, formally and informally, is nothing new. This is how societies have been adding new food, fibres and medicines to their cultures over centuries. Every culture has incorporated new genes and foreign varieties into their own strains. In developing countries, formal seed exchanges are either proven ancient seed systems or have been re-invented to counteract the damaging effects of the Green Revolution. Millions of farmers […]

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James in India

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I am now into the second leg of my trip to India – I have been with Beth for the last 10 days which is great and we are both back in Jamkhed, Maharashtra teaching on a primary healthcare course (same as the one earlier this year). My six weeks with the GREEN Foundation was fantastic. The organisation is what I expected and more. Their programs have worked very hard […]

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