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Facts that Expound more on what Constitutes of Bamboo Trees

featIMG_8071Ingrid Pullen Photography

Photo: Bambusa vulgaris at the PRI Zaytuna Farm Bamboo Trees The bamboo tree is a resource that over the ages was not tapped. It has been viewed as an ornamental plant in the gardens and at times, in art, and its economic potential not fully exploited. Bamboo is “the new timber’ and now people are embracing it. For the most part it is embraced for its economic importance and benefits […]

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Introducing Nitrogen Fixing Trees: Nature’s Solution to Curing N2 Deficiency


Nitrogen deficiency is a major challenge to world agriculture. This element is one of the most important nutrients for the growth and survival of plants. Roughly 78% of earth’s atmosphere consists of this gas essential to supporting life. However, plant life is unable to derive vital nutrients from its gaseous form. Instead, plants must pull nitrogen from their soil. The introduction of chemicals to compensate for nitrogen deficiency has created […]

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Baobs and Bunyas


The Boabs of Kimberley in the North West of Australia and the Bunyas of the north east coasts of Australia are two trees with outstanding appearance and function. These are two of my special interest trees the Boab Adansonia gegoeri and Bunya Araucaria bidwiili. My visits to the Kimberley began in the nineteen seventies and continued into the eighties. In the years 1999 to2003, I was living in the East […]

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How to Harvest Your Own Seeds from Fruit and Vegetables for Propagation into Nursery

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Harvesting your own seeds from fruit and vegetables for propagation into a nursery significantly reduces your costs by over 50 percent. In order to reap the maximum benefit, you must give your plants the help they need to produce healthy seeds. Harvesting and storage techniques require particular attention because they impact seed quality. To achieve the best results, one must harvest at the right time, clean with the proper techniques, […]

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Permaculture as a Method for Ecological Healing:

Stream Pipe - feature

Maui Case Study with Native Plants and Stream Restoration. Photography by Jasmine A Koster It may not seem readily apparent when viewing scenic photos, or strolling along the beach shoreline if you’ve been there, but something like 90% of Hawaii’s species are invasive. In other words, a species had no chance of getting to these isolated islands–and adapting to its new environment to become a new species over time–unless it […]

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3 Benefits of Maintaining an Urban Native Plant Food and Medicine Forest


Photography by Paul Galant. The eggplant colored berries grow side by side on an elongated stem, up to perhaps a dozen in a row. You know they’re ripe not only when they’re plump, but when they begin to resemble blueberry flowers in shape–more so than round berries. The berry gains this appearance because the fruit is surrounded by a protective, fleshy sepal, which looks like a flower. If you gently […]

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The Oft-Forgotten Art of Growing Mulch

What a Pile of Mulch (Courtesy of Joe Hoover)

Mulching We know we’ve got to do. Nothing else makes quite so much sense. It drastically lessens the water needed for growing plants, cutting the quantity easily in half and often much better than that. It feeds our plants by breaking down into fertile composted materials right where it’s needed. It protects the soil life, helps to prevent erosion and stops the compacting effects of rain. In the winter, it’s […]

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Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom cultivation is an intricate, but rewarding art. The fungal networks called mycelium need specific conditions to produce healthy mushrooms. If the conditions are off, the mycelium will be too busy fighting microbes to produce healthy fruiting mushrooms. For the beginner, I recommend a mushroom growing kit. These kits come with a pasteurized substrate, grain spawn, and a suitable container for cultivation. These kits provide novice growers the opportunity to […]

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Cultivating Drought-Resistant Heirloom Varieties for Your Permaculture Garden

Copyright Ingrid Pullen Photography I live in Washington State, USA, and you may already know that we’re experiencing a state-wide drought. This is shocking: everyone jokes about how it’s always raining, so you’re lucky if you get a tan, but it hasn’t rained as much lately. Supposedly we were going to have the same amount of rain but the snowpack would be depleted, which in turn affects the rivers and […]

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Central Texas Permaculture: Learning by Working

About a year ago I began volunteering at a small school and permaculture education center just south of Austin, Texas. At the time, I was working at a nursery in the city. I had an interest in plant care but no real awareness of permaculture. Since then, I have been on the fast-track to full permaculture immersion, learning by working. Right around the time I was introduced to permaculture, I […]

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Touring the Cedars of Lebanon

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How to Build a Grey Water Planter Bed

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