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New Jordan Project – Permaculture Jordan

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We are presently in Jordan and are establishing a new NGO “Permaculture Jordan” and we have been offered USAID funding for $US53,000 to establish a new project here in the Jordan Valley sharing bio-diversity of productive crops and tree species that have potential but are not yet here. The work is linked with the work of other plant researchers who have already linked to other Arabic countries and successfully grown […]

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“Living on the edge”, the balcony garden designers guild

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Cecilia Macaulay of Living on the Edge is about being part of creating a cutting-edge sustainable culture, of being powerful, creative and daring. It’s about empowering Melbourne’s inner-city residents to create and maintain lush balcony gardens. Edge gardens bring you to the’ ‘happening’ edge between private and public life – extend your boundaries physically and socially, as you get together with others to create. Edge gardens happen on balconies, […]

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Backyard Aquaponics

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This just in, from Christopher Nesbitt: “Backyard Aquaponics” is a new book by Joel Malcolm, an innovator in Perth, Australia and is well worth a look. Aquaponics is a very simple and efficient system involving aquaculture and hydroponics. The system is dependent on plants in grow beds, generally pea gravel, being used to filter out fish manure and other material while aerating the water to maintain oxygen levels. Joel’s book […]

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James in India

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I am now into the second leg of my trip to India – I have been with Beth for the last 10 days which is great and we are both back in Jamkhed, Maharashtra teaching on a primary healthcare course (same as the one earlier this year). My six weeks with the GREEN Foundation was fantastic. The organisation is what I expected and more. Their programs have worked very hard […]

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Permaculture house & land for the Jordan Valley

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At 400 meters below sea level, the Jordan Valley is the lowest piece of land in the world. Its climate is very dry with an average rainfall of 150 millimeters a year, most of which comes in 2 or 3 mid-winter events. Summers are very hot with day time temperatures often reaching 50 centigrade with hot nights often over 25 centigrade. Winters are warm with no frost. To achieve a […]

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Use of permaculture under salinity and drought conditions

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Jordan is an arid country with limited water resources. The available renewable fresh water resources dropped drastically to an annual per capita share of 155 m3 in recent years compared to 3400 m3/cap/year in 1946. It is considered also as one of the 10 poorest countries worldwide in water resources (Countries with less than 500 m3/capita/year are regarded as having “absolute scarcity”). In 2004, the total water use in Jordan […]

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The functioning of weeds in wholesome gardening

functioning of weeds 01

The phenomenon of thorns on plants is an interesting one. It invariably comes about when the soil has become severely depleted. So, for instance, the thistle typically comes up when a paddock has been too heavily grazed, as was pointed out to us in an initial course of plantecology. When I realized that, it seemed to me that the thorns on roses must similarly be the result of some nutrient deficiency.

It is almost as if the rosebush is trying to say: “Stay away from me, you have already plucked so many of my flowers and you never give me anything in return.”

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