America’s Forgotten Food Forest Suburb Rediscovered!

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Years ago, Permaculture founder, Bill Mollison made a TV series called Global Gardener. In a 10-minute segment of that series he visited a particular 60-acre intentional community called Village Homes, located at Davis, California. Mollison visited this estate many times. The reason he kept returning there was the way it was constructed. Passive Solar designed… Read more »

Creating a Bamboo and Mud Yurt at the Art of Living Permaculture Centre, Bangalore, India

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We wanted to create a natural building out of bamboo and mud on our site in Bangalore, India, as this project involved learning experiences too. However, our professional colleague who was to help us with building this structure couldn’t make it owing to personal preoccupations. Thus began our experimentation in coming up with a plan… Read more »

Re-Foresting Afghanistan

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Afghanistan has been shredded; a country rich with fruits, nuts, melons, and forests was degraded into barren hillsides and emaciated rubble. Torn by decades of war and internal resource depletion, but with the promise of vast mineral “riches” yet untapped beneath the ground, its history has brought it to a special place in time that… Read more »

Hamsah Farm (India)

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Speeding down a highway and weaving through Bangalore’s traffic, I clutched my luggage and held on tight to the back of the motorcycle. I remember thinking, “Well, this is already off to a very exciting start.” The driver, John Fennessy, was taking me to Hamsah Farm, his permaculture farm outside of Bangalore. After setting down… Read more »

Success at Floriade! (Canberra, Australia)

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Beautiful innovation at Floriade 2013 — Urban Agriculture Australia helps Canberra celebrate the annual festival of flowers. Spring took on a whole new meaning at this year’s Floriade ("Australia’s Biggest Celebration of Spring"), with an innovative, interactive and inspiring edible garden display by Urban Agriculture Australia (UAA). Over 14 organisations formed the collaborative venture known… Read more »

UNCCD Land for Life Award Winners for 2013 (India, Mexico, Africa): Practical, Doable, Magic

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Educating small-holder farmers in India Every year the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) presents awards and supportive prize-money to projects that have had a positive impact on combating desertification and restoring watersheds and the hydrological cycle. This year’s awards went to excellent projects in India, Mexico and Africa. Watch the fantastic videos below,… Read more »

My Visit to the Greening the Desert Sequel Site, November 2013

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The Jordan Valley Permaculture Proejct (aka ‘Greening the Desert – the Sequel’) in November 2013. (Photo: Geoff Lawton) I experienced a very diverse range of activities during my two weeks in Jordan, teaching a tree care course and helping in the farm activities, at the PRI Jordan Valley Permaculture Project (aka ‘Greening the Desert –… Read more »

Urban Farm Grows Over 1000 Pounds of Produce on Two Lots to Feed Local Community (Baltimore, USA)

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Boone Street Farm in Baltimore, Maryland, started in 2010, and looks to be going strong. It’s a great way to reclaim unused city spaces and make them of benefit to the local community — both for providing healthy food and as a community educational tool, and community ‘gel’. Kudos to Baltimore’s forward-thinking officials for making… Read more »