Bustan Qaraaqa, West Bank, Seeks Two Permaculture Interns

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Bustan Qaraaqa is a community permaculture project in the Palestinian West Bank. The project consists of an experimental permaculture farm in the town of Beit Sahour close to the historic city of Bethlehem, and several community projects where staff and volunteers work together with Palestinian community groups and individuals to implement permaculture initiatives that have… Read more »

Update on Permaculture Pygmies – Introducing Solar Ovens, Water Filter and SODIS

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We built a solar oven made out of cardboard, and showed the pygmies how to purify water through a solar disinfection unit (the SODIS System). We also showed them how to make a filter with a bucket full of sand, gravel and active carbon. by Xavier Fux Who said last days weren’t productive? Before leaving,… Read more »

Community Design Template for 25-500 Families

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Introduction Back in 2008 I spent 6 weeks in Venezuela. I have a Venezuelan friend who believes as I do that permaculture could and should be a driving force for positive change. We both also believe that the Bolivarian Revolution, championed most famously by the charismatic and controversially colourful personality of Hugo Chavez, despite many… Read more »

My First Week at Thailand’s Newest Permaculture Farm

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by Theron Beaudreau In a rural village at the Southwest corner of the Isaan Plateau, just over an hour drive south of Thailand’s second largest city, Korat, a band of tenacious permaculturalists have just arrived at the site of their new home. Over the course of the next year, infrastructure will be erected, community and… Read more »

Permaculture in Damaged Lands: Degradation and Restoration in New Mexico

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A certain coal-strewn road in Madrid, New Mexico — the remnants of a now defunct railway. Alternately barren and spectacular, the southwest United States has piqued the imagination of Americans and people across the world for generations. The site of gold rushes, Native American homelands, and a culture of lawlessness that has yet to fade… Read more »

The Shared Patterns of Indigenous Culture, Permaculture and Digital Commons

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by David Bollier Joline Blais Rarely have I read an essay that knits together some very different commons with such wisdom and depth. Joline Blais’ 2006 essay, “Indigenous Domain: Pilgrims, Permaculture and Perl,” is a wonderfully insightful analysis that reveals the underlying unity and logic of commons principles. Her piece appeared in Intelligent Agent (vol…. Read more »

John Hardy: My Green School Dream

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Join John Hardy on a tour of the Green School, his off-the-grid school in Bali that teaches kids how to build, garden, create (and get into college). The centerpiece of campus is the spiraling Heart of School, perhaps the world’s largest freestanding bamboo building. — Ted.com

Greeks Reclaim the Land to Ease the Pain of Economic Austerity

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A group of community-minded gardeners have turned a former Athens airport into a blooming vegetable plot, showing how Greece’s eroded soil holds the keys to a revival in farming and a way to buck the jobless trend. by Beatrice Yannacopoulou. Article originally published on The Ecologist All photographs courtesy: Dimitris.V.Geronikos "If we want to survive… Read more »

Rental Permaculture: How to Fill the Void

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by Bob Nekrasov I hear you comrade. ‘I want those acres and to start my food forest and have a permaculture demonstration Eden – but alas, I am a humble renter with big bloody dreams and typically uncreative landlords’. As us ‘renters’ forlornly scan open fields and acres — seeing real estate listings of eroded… Read more »

Orlando Permaculture Documentary

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The heroes and heroines of history’s past are so well-known they need not be mentioned. Lesser known and perhaps more integral, however, are the countless individuals whose stories remain untold and hidden by history. “Orlando Permaculture” is a documentary of the latter modern-day individuals. It is a story of a community of people who have… Read more »