A Forest of Food in the Center of Seattle

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Click for larger view In the Beacon Hill community of Seattle a revolutionary community garden is being developed to feed her people. The Beacon Food Forest is transforming a previously unused piece of public land into a vibrant food forest filled with hundreds of different varieties of edible plants, fruits and nuts. The seven acre… Read more »

Regenerating Rusinga (Kenya)

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FMNR workshop, Feb 2012, Kenya Rusinga Island is situated in Lake Victoria in the Western parts of Kenya. It is known for its prehistoric findings of primate fossils dating from 17 million years ago and for being the birthplace of the famously assassinated Kenyan politician, Tom Mboya, whose scholarship fund enabled Barack Obama’s father to… Read more »

Permaculture Goes to the White House… With Your Vote!

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I’ve got some incredible news to share with you! The permaculture initiative that I facilitate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA) has been selected by the White House as a finalist for the Campus Champions of Change Challenge award! This means we are in the final round and the general public is now voting… Read more »

The Howard-Higgins EcoSan and Waste Management System

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In January 2010 Richard Higgins, founder and CEO of Well End Permaculture International, arrived at the epicentre of the Haiti earthquake in Port au Prince. We sat the visiting NGOs down to lunch just to the left of this picture (see next picture, below). Each double pallet contained 1,200 fresh human wastes and nobody had… Read more »

National Permaculture Day – May 6, 2012

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Sponsorship opportunity in permaculture: businesses, local groups, entrepreneurs, consultants & trainers. Dear Permaculture Practitioners and Local Groups National Permaculture Day (NPD) showcases the practices of permaculture to the public. Businesses and local groups show permaculture in action — through markets, demonstrations, ‘open houses and gardens’, and local events in city and country. The day has… Read more »

Funding Sought for Permaculture Film – The Chikukwa Project

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Gillian Leahy (a documentary maker) and Terry Leahy (permaculture researcher) are making a film about the Chikukwa project in Zimbabwe. This is a feel good story out of Africa. For the last 20 years an amazing permaculture project has been working in Zimbabwe. Where once the people of the Chikukwa villages suffered hunger, malnutrition and… Read more »

USAID to Incorporate Permaculture in Aid Work

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USAID Permaculture Technical Brief (580kb PDF) The growing food crisis has struggled to stay in the headlines since being highlighted broadscale in the mainstream media back in 2008, but it moves apace regardless, and I can assure you it will continue to do so, likely at a frightening rate. A 2012 Save the Children report… Read more »

ReOccupy Portugal

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I have seen a possibility and a lot of factors that are working in favor of this possibility, so it has motivated me to start working on my idea. It’s about collaboratively re-occupying and regenerating abandoned rural land, starting here, where I am in Portugal. Since I know of no other cases of this here… Read more »

Incorporating Disability Access and Therapeutic Spaces in Permaculture Design

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Ilma Lever Gardens garden designed for wheelchair access When working in various gardens for community usage I found we often needed to consider access for gardeners of a range of abilities without compromising the overall function of the design. I want to outline some things I have found useful to make spaces disability-friendly whilst also… Read more »

The Newcastle Fair Share Festival is On Again!

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When: 9 — 11 March 2012, starting on the evening of March 9 Where: Hamilton Public School, corner of Tudor Steet and Steel Street, Newcastle, NSW, Australia Theme: "Transitioning to connected communities, localised fair economies and sustainable lifestyles." Please put this event in your diaries, and ‘like’ us at www.facebook.com/#!/FairShareFestival In this second and expanded… Read more »