Introducing Murujan Permaculture Design: From Deserts to Meadows

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Murujan Permaculture Design is a newly formed Permaculture Design Consultancy based in Malaysia. We are happy to announce that we plan to host a Permaculture Design Course taught by Mustafa Fatih Bakir (see Mustafa’s WPN profile here) at the property of our first clients. Roots of Murujan Permaculture I was in Law School in the… Read more »

How to Compost a Whale

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For all of you people with whales that you need to compost, you might gain some insights in how to go about it with this little video. This is also a great story about respect for these amazing creatures, and how this community project in Alaska is giving visitors a greater appreciation for their grace… Read more »

Update on the Byron Bay Shire Permaculture Challenge

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by Phoebe Lines, BOS (Being Of Service) Team for the Permaculture Challenge The Byron Permaculture Challenge gang creates a No-Dig garden for the young people at the Byron Youth House Our apparently disaffected Byron Shire youth, it would seem, are in fact a hotbed of movers and shakers, changing the world one Permablitz at a… Read more »

Greening the Desert Video – now also with French Subtitles

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Many thanks to Jeremy, Christina, Erik, Lamia and Kristen for all the work that went into creating the French translation subtitle file for both Parts I & II of the Greening the Desert video below. As a result, I’ve been able to upload a version suitable for your French-speaking friends and family, should you have… Read more »

Update on Karat Primary School’s Permaculture Progress, Ethiopia

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The ‘after map’ design — does not resemble the actual implementation This is an update on my recent post on new school projects here in Ethiopia. We visited Karat Primary School again as a group on Friday 28th October 2011. The group comprised Alex McCausland, Tichafa Makovere, Rhamis Kent (an international permaculture trainer accredited by… Read more »

Letters from Slovakia – a Photo Update on the Homeless Camp

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Daniel Diškanec checks out his new edible friends Photos © Craig Mackintosh I should have shared these pictures back in August, when the pictures were taken, but was too tied up with preparations for the Tenth International Permaculture Conference (IPC10) in Jordan. Though late, I trust you’ll appreciate them anyway. If you didn’t catch them… Read more »

FRESH – World’s Wildest Supermarket

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A holistic and most outrageous concept being turned into reality in Denmark. From: Sepp Holzer’s Permakultur, Leopold Stocker Verlag, 2008 Fresh is the concept for an organic, living supermarket in cities and villages, where instead of taking the items off the shelf, the customer harvests the produce directly from raised beds! It is a system… Read more »

Mulberry Gardens Food Forest

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Original asphalt It began with a large area of asphalt and a dream of expanding our community garden. Mulberry Gardens is in Glenroy, Melbourne, Australia and operates entirely as a communal space. All members share in the upkeep and harvest the produce — which is mostly shared amongst attendees at the Saturday morning communal sessions…. Read more »

Jordan Valley Permaculture Project Update: Post IPC Happenings

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An aerial view of the site Although the landscape here could be seen as a model for scarcity, what there is an abundance of is rocks. The baked dusty earth barely passes for soil and during the summer there isn’t rain here for over six months. With valuable agricultural resources seemingly at a minimum, rocks… Read more »

Murad Alkufash: “Marda Permaculture Farm: Planting Seeds of Hope in the Occupied Territories”

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Murad Alkufash is a dedicated permaculturist. Considering where he lives, he must be. Or, perhaps because of where he lives he must be — as permaculture is a truly logical, and the only really lasting, solution to the problems surrounding him. Murad lives in the West Bank, and directly under one of the largest illegal… Read more »