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Jordan Recap

jordan recap tom 03 - feat

Well I have returned from Jordan not entirely fit and well. I managed to get a touch of the flu during the two weeks but still managed to facilitate the course. It was a great experience to go to Jordan and spend time on a site that is around 350 meters below sea level. Man what a place . The soil is just very degraded highly alkaline dirt that doesn’t […]

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Rebuild Sunrise Farm in Kathmandu Appeal – Plus Updates


This is worth your time and support – real bottom-up permaculture relief and development in Nepal RafterSass-Ferguson A video about the earthquake that hit Nepal the 25th April of 2015. The videos are taken in Kathmandu, mostly in sunrise farm where we volunteers. Link to our GoFundMe Campaign. My name is Chris Evans and I’ve worked in Nepal for nearly 30 years, starting as a volunteer forester. In 1988, I […]

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This is a truly eye opening location to earn your PDC


This PDC is hosted by Geoff Lawton at the award-winning Greening the Desert Site in the Dead Sea Valley, Jordan, just 10km north of the Dead Sea and 6 km east of the Jordanian-Palestinian border, directly east of the West Bank. ABOUT THE LOCATION This is a truly eye-opening location to earn your PDC. You will be studying on the lowest point of the earth in one of the most […]

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Take Permaculture to Haiti


The Aid and Orphanage program was birthed in the heart of Nicholas Burtner, Director of the School of Permaculture, with the belief that permaculture and holistic practices truly help and empower the dis-empowered and needy. School of Permaculture provides aid to orphanages, children’s homes, women’s shelters, and struggling agricultural farms (called “aid sites”) by redesigning their environments and providing local training and site design. Regenerative sustainability is key to providing […]

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Human Permaculture: looking at migration as flow to solve problems


Permaculture is largely about turning problems into solutions. Many social issues currently seen as problems, when looked at closely, simply require a little re-organisation or ‘re-design’, which permaculture techniques, even those normally used to design land or water flow, can apply to. These involve looking carefully at the energies which go into a system, and human movements and desires can also be seen as energies. This article will examine a […]

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Energy Globe Award


National ENERGY GLOBE Award Jordan 2015 Has been won by Geoff Lawton and The Permaculture Research Institute for the Permaculture sites featured inGreening/Re-Greening the Desert “To be honored with this award is a great recognition of our work for a better environment and motivates us to continue our endeavors in the future” Geoff Lawton, National Energy Globe Winner Jordan About the AWARD With more than 170 participating countries and over […]

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Supporting SOILS on International Permaculture Day with Geoff Lawton

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Geoff Lawton talks “What you can do with Soil in a Desert“, supporting the Soil theme on this upcoming International Permaculture Day from The Greening the Desert Sequel Site in the Jordan Valley (PRI Jordan). Join us worldwide on Sunday 3rd May for International Permaculture Day: In Support of Soil!

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When the Water Ends

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“When the Water Ends” tells the story of climate change conflicts in East Africa. For thousands of years, semi-nomadic pastoralists have followed fresh water sources and grazing land. They are accustomed to harsh environments and surviving with limited resources. But with the impacts of climate change, competition for water and pasture is escalating. Increased drought and decreased rainfall is fueling violent conflict over water and grazing lands.

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Geoff Lawton – Online PDC – Scholarship for NGO


I am offering the opportunity for NGO’s, working in the area of food security and sustainability, to participate in a scholarship program for my Online Permaculture Design Course. I am looking to form educational partnerships with NGO’s who can offer the facility to teach small groups of people the Permaculture Design Course. How it works: The course is run online over 12 weeks and can be accessed at any time. […]

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Permaculture in Practice by ‘Hope On Africa Programme’ – Kenya

Permaculture emphasizes the use of native plants or those that are well adapted to your local area. It aims at a site that sustains itself and the gardener. Its ultimate purpose is to develop a site until it meets all the needs of its inhabitants, including food, shelter, fuel and other benefits. Permaculture enthusiasts love plants for their beauty and fragrance, but they seek out plants that offer practical benefits […]

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Permaculture Your New Year and Start Packing Your Backpack

Have you done a PDC? Have you done an Online PDC? Do you want a hands-on permaculture experience in one of the harshest environments on planet earth? Do you want proof that permaculture works and you want to be part of it? Do you want experience with leading on the ground permaculturists who are getting things done in JORDAN on a world renowned permaculture site? THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING […]

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The Symbiotic work of Plant guilds in a food forest

Volunteers and community members on site during the training. “To know is power” Let us then use our brains with every good intent that at the end we come with tired eyes and give to nature more than what she lent”. (Cheire) I was motivated to learn Permaculture after a one week training on Natural medicines which changed my eating habits. When I learned that permaculture has non rigid guidelines […]

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