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Small Scale Composting

Compost pile with daisies

Organic waste comprises an estimated 20-40% of the solid waste stream that ends up in landfills. Organic matter breaks down slowly in landfills due to limited oxygen, which can contribute to methane gas production. Enter stage left: compost. Compost is the rich, black remnant of organic waste such as kitchen scraps combined with “brown” matter (i.e. soil, leaves); the result is beautiful fertilizer for your garden. Intentionally composting accelerates the […]

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How We Make an Income While Homesteading

Homesteading Feat

One of the reasons we started our homestead was quality of life. My wife and I were both working while trying to raise 3 young children. As our first born hit high school we felt that our family was growing apart faster than we liked. We always dabbled in gardening and such but we decided to make a change. As a family, we thought that the state of our country […]

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Turning Firewood into Mushrooms

Firewood into Mushrooms Feat

A few year ago, I was sucked into edible mushrooms. We went to a mushroom class given by Bill Russell. He was talking about edible mushrooms and how to identify them. He has a fantastic book called Wild Mushrooms of Pennsylvania and the Mid Atlantic. After the class he took us on a walk to identify some mushrooms. He also brought a few helpers with him to work with the […]

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Ways We Harvest Food on a Small Homestead

Harvesting on Homestead feat

There are so many avenues of food cultivation on the Earth. Our Earth is constantly creating food for us, but as time goes on, our natural instincts have been deprogrammed. The powers that be have pushed the idea that we have to go to supermarkets or restaurants to eat. Not only is that a ridiculous idea but it’s absolutely insulting! You can find all sorts of food, mostly greens, available […]

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Shou Sugi Ban: How to Preserve Wood Using Fire

Shou Sugi Ban Feat

Modern building practices often use designs and materials which cause destruction or detriment to the surrounding ecosystem and utilize resources which may be cheap to buy but are expensive to the Earth (see for example 1). Luckily for the Earth, a myriad of projects out there are following the “use and value renewable resources and services” principle with building materials and techniques. One common natural resource to use is wood, […]

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Maximizing Your Urban Space

Small herb and flower garden built on terrace

I’ve been an apartment-dweller most of my life, and I used to think that growing food was always going to be a distant dream. I felt like my lack of ground soil and minimal surface area could never support more than a few herbs in containers, and that city life was holding me back. Many of us lack the luxury of abundant land, but still want to grow and nurture […]

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Dig the Fig – The Essential Guide to All You Need to Know About Figs


Man and fig have come a long way since then but have remained very much good friends, travelling and setting up home together all over the world where summers are warm and dry and winters are cool.

During this article, we’ll be focusing on the common fig – Ficus carica. We’ll look at fig types, hardy figs, fig cultivation, fig reproduction, fig propagation, good companions plants for figs, and growing figs commercially.

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Heat Your Home with Less Wood


Another year, another blink of an eye, and summer has already evaporated. As the wildflowers begin to thin and the days start to shorten, autumn will be marching breathlessly to our doors in the coming month, with winter hot on her heels. I know you’ve enjoyed your summer – your tan lines are still fresh, your garden is lush and fruiting – I know you don’t want to let go, […]

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20 Garden Hacks for the Quirky and Pragmatic Permaculturalist

Garden Hacks for the Quirky and Pragmatic Permaculturalist

There is a new term—hack—spinning wildly on the World Wide Web, and I’ve resisted it. I grew up in a time where a hack was someone who did a crappy job, so transitioning into the new definition has been an arduous process for me. But, words evolve, and times change. I don’t want to be the guy standing in the way, so for those of you only now stumbling on […]

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Making Biogas is Easy

Bio Energy

Methane is a versatile, sustainable gas that can be used to perform everyday tasks like heating water and cooking food with surprising simplicity. Unfortunately producing it and using it at home may seem messy, but below we have a simple DIY instruction on making a biogas digester. All grazing animals have bacteria that are needed for creating methane in their guts, with cows being the most efficient creators of the […]

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Starting a Business – Some Thoughts


One of the things I notice is that the same challenges come round again and again. Why does this matter in the world of Permaculture? Well, for a number of different reasons. If you accept the essential premises on which Permaculture is built you will appreciate that followers of the discipline agree to take as much responsibility for the welfare of themselves and their families as they can. So self-employment becomes an obvious choice.

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How to Make Your Own Plant-based Cooking Oils

oil in non-stick frying pan

On the road to self-sufficiency, there are lots of everyday items we run across that seem either impossible or too far-fetched for home production. In some cases, this is true: One can’t very well grow rice in England or wheat in the tropics, so the right answer is probably to minimize or cut out the use of certain things with regards to what can be produced locally. Such is life, and such is the case with cooking oil.

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