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Trojan Horses, Recipes, and Permaculture


by Toby Hemenway The Transition movement seemed to catch fire right from the beginning, and I confess that its success made me, as a permaculturist, a bit envious. Here was a program for converting to a post-oil society, created by a permaculture teacher using permaculture principles, and it seemed to be becoming better known and more highly regarded than permaculture itself. Over a thousand towns have adopted Transition plans, national […]

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Winter at Tata Kaitawa, 2013 (New Zealand)

by Yvonne Collin Misty winter morning in the valley What winter? Have we had one and it has slipped by without making a noise? We have had a few cold and wet days here in the bush and the occasional frost after a clear night, but not like the winters we are used to having. We live in a deep valley, one of two valleys that meet at the bottom, […]

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Preserving the Past to Serve the Future

A version of this article first appeared on the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH) of Transition US, blog. Today, traditional knowledge is in danger and its disappearance would not only cause the loss of people’s capability to keep and pass on the artistic and natural heritage, but also of an extraordinary source of knowledge and cultural diversity from which the appropriate innovation solutions can be derived today and in the future. […]

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Geoff Lawton – Local Legendz

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 9.24.39 pm

As soon as Geoff Lawton realized he was having "dreams of self-sufficiency and living in a harmonious way with natural systems," he started getting involved with permaculture. This was way before permaculture was the buzz word that it is today. Through his work, the movement has spread to like-minded individuals the world over. In this video, we take a walk with him through the lands that started the sustainable growth […]

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Permaculture Playing Cards


54 cards, each packed with permaculture information. People, plants, ideas, animals, techniques…. Each card represents many hours of arguing over the tiniest details. One of the questions we are asked repeatedly is "How do you tell people what permaculture is?" If you give them a book, they might look at a few pictures. If you send them a link to something they tend to save it for later. The idea […]

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Antifragile Epiphanies: Reflections from Caux

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.11.12 pm

I had the pleasure of making a recent return visit to Switzerland for the Caux Forum for Human Security’s Dialogue on Land and Security. This was first held as a single full-day event on July 15, 2011. It was titled Restoring Earth’s Degraded Land, featuring a number of great speakers and presenters including UNCCD Executive Secretary Luc Gnacadja, former UK Secretary of State for International Development Clare Short, “The Man […]

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First Impressions of China

Anyone who is fairly informed probably has some knowledge or vague impressions of China. We are well aware of China’s breakneck economic growth in the last two decades. We are also aware of China’s hard consequences for its fastidious growth. Beijing recently made the news with record air pollution. The north of China has no water and the central government is actively planning a huge water pipeline from the south […]

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Creating the Alternative Tour – Intro

by Mo Lohre & William Redwine // “Creating the Alternative” is a movement dedicated to creating a regenerative lifestyle and sharing the process with everybody, freely! We think shrinking our environmental footprint is not enough. We don’t just want to be less abusive to our Earth, we want to be a positive, creative influence on her. By aligning morality, biomimicry, permaculture, and appropriate technology, we believe we can manifest a […]

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Do We Have the Right Brain for the 21st Century? (Podcast)

Click play below to hear the podcast: Transcript below: Everyone knows that humans are doing a pretty poor job, at the moment, of solving our toughest 21 Century problems… (insert your issue of choice… for example climate change, world poverty, nature protection, misuse of antibiotics, armed conflict, economic stability, or whatever). On the other hand we all know that humans have ‘evolved reflexes’ that do a very good job of […]

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The Permaculture Solution – an Interview with Warren Brush

the permaculture solution an interview with warren brush feat

Interview by Leslee Goodman of the Moon Magazine Warren Brush [see author profile] describes himself as a certified permaculture designer and teacher, a mentor and storyteller. He is co-founder of Quail Springs Learning Oasis & Permaculture Farm, a former cattle ranch located in California’s Cuyama Valley — one of the remotest places within a three-hour drive of Los Angeles you can imagine — where his team demonstrates and teaches permaculture […]

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Debt and Money: Facing the Music

What is music? An agreement. What is debt? An agreement. They are the same thing. No, they aren’t the same. Let me explain. Music is an activity that people do together based on an agreement about the value of units of time, frequency of beats, frequency of tones, loudness and dynamics and the intervals between tones in melody and harmony. Of course when I say it that way it sounds […]

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