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Northeast Permaculture and Beyond: An Organizational Vision

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How can we organize global Permaculture efforts and still be effective in our local communities? How can we build groups that sustain themselves after the Design Course is over? How can we create BioRegional and Regional networks to share information and resources? We envision growing Permaculture from a strong base of integrated local community groups. Recent developments in the Northeastern United States act as a concrete example. (518) 610-1375 Download […]

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Permalot in Czech Republic

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Over the hills, through the woods, and at the end of a dead-end road; that’s where you’ll find the little Hamlet of Bouzov Svojanov; a 600 year old village with a present-day population of only 20 people. It is also here that you will find our ecovillage initiative where we seek to create a model for rural sustainability and in doing so seek to return life to a village almost […]

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Alley cropping in the tropics

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The problem of compaction within annual crop systems is a very difficult one in the tropics especially. The tropics make it difficult because they naturally lend themselves to diverse productive tree systems and often people have followed the annual cropping systems of European style of cultivation. Ok so incorporating trees in the systems will help and mulching definitely will help and limiting the amount of walking on the fields will […]

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The Dead Sea Valley Permaculture project

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Geoff Lawton is an internationally renowned Permaculture teacher and design consultant. His story in the Middle East is a success story, rare in the politically tumultuous climate which rules the lives of many in this part of the globe. He has solved and offered positive solutions to many of the environmental problems typical to the Middle east; water shortage, highly salted land, agricultural production, and unsustainable housing. Exporting this system […]

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