Permaculture Making Further Inroads into China

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Major PDC at Fuzhou, mainland China, marks an important step for permaculture making inroads into China. by Robyn Francis Fuzhou, a city near the coast of southern China, has seen a flurry of a decade or so of rapid development. It is evident in the glass and concrete forests of tower blocks — many newly… Read more »

An Interview with Elisabeth Fekonia

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by Matis Aerts, Nederlands (14 years old) Elisabeth Fekonia has been practicing food self-sufficiency for the last 20 years on her six-acre property at Black Mountain on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Besides the usual vegetable gardens, fruit trees and chooks, Elisabeth also keeps cows, goats, pigs and bees. She makes all her own dairy… Read more »

Holistic Management Survey

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Allan Savory’s recent TED talk has brought much publicity to Holistic Management, and a lot of conversation around this management framework and its impact on the land and its stewards. Holistic Management offers the prospect of much improved land management, with benefits for food production, biodiversity and even the stability of the global climate, while… Read more »

Trojan Horses, Recipes, and Permaculture

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by Toby Hemenway The Transition movement seemed to catch fire right from the beginning, and I confess that its success made me, as a permaculturist, a bit envious. Here was a program for converting to a post-oil society, created by a permaculture teacher using permaculture principles, and it seemed to be becoming better known and… Read more »

Preserving the Past to Serve the Future

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A version of this article first appeared on the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH) of Transition US, blog. Today, traditional knowledge is in danger and its disappearance would not only cause the loss of people‚Äôs capability to keep and pass on the artistic and natural heritage, but also of an extraordinary source of knowledge and cultural… Read more »

Geoff Lawton – Local Legendz

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As soon as Geoff Lawton realized he was having "dreams of self-sufficiency and living in a harmonious way with natural systems," he started getting involved with permaculture. This was way before permaculture was the buzz word that it is today. Through his work, the movement has spread to like-minded individuals the world over. In this… Read more »

Permaculture Playing Cards

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54 cards, each packed with permaculture information. People, plants, ideas, animals, techniques…. Each card represents many hours of arguing over the tiniest details.

First Impressions of China

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Anyone who is fairly informed probably has some knowledge or vague impressions of China. We are well aware of China’s breakneck economic growth in the last two decades. We are also aware of China’s hard consequences for its fastidious growth. Beijing recently made the news with record air pollution. The north of China has no… Read more »