An Opportunity

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I recently completed Geoff Lawton’s Online Permaculture Design Course and the PDF I submitted is attached for readers to peruse. At the age of 75 I am no longer physically able to manage the work of running a large accommodation business and the extended property, but do not wish to sell my home and farm…. Read more »

Permacultural Organic Market Gardening and Economic Performance Report

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Written by: Sacha Guégan (Sylva Institute), François Léger (UMR SADAPT), Gauthier Chapelle (Biomimicry Europa) & Charles Hervé-Gruyer (Ferme du Bec Hellouin and Sylva Institute) Ferme biologique du Bec Hellouin 1, sente du Moulin au Cat 27800 LE BEC HELLOUIN 02 32 44 50 57 – Status Report # 2 July 2013 Abstract: In December… Read more »

A Light Hearted Look at Farming

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Industries like farming and agriculture provide more than just food, income, and a sustainable economy for the area that it is settled in. They provide a sense of community and strength that maybe one never really expected them to evoke. Ever seen an advertisement for tractors and see some farmers looking rather muscular and well… Read more »

One Planet Living

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I was keynote speaker for World Environmental Day at the University of Melbourne. Below I have posted the transcript of my talk: Good afternoon everyone. Thank you for that introduction, Professor Kvan, and thank you all for being here to mark World Environment Day. It was Buckminster Fuller who once said: ‘You never change things… Read more »

A Little Sauce on the Side: Your Guide to DIY Condiments

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Homemade Condiment Collection For all of the growing and eating of fresh produce most of us do, or aspire to do, condiments often survive our purging of processed and problematic foods. Ironically, many of us are growing the exact ingredients we need to make our own homespun condiments, free of food industry chemicals and additives… Read more »

Waste Management: Moving Forward with Innovation

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As waste management evolves through awareness among general public, efforts within the industry, and waste management becoming not just an environmental concern but a political and strategic apprehension too, the industry grows with advancement and innovation. Innovation gave birth to revolutionary and self-sustaining ideas within the industry, which earlier focused on basic waste management is… Read more »

Easy Watering for Container Gardens

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Lets face it container gardening is a great, practical gardening technique with multiple functions. Not only is it good for renters and city dwellers who have limited space and no permission to garden from their landlords, it is an ideal technique when there may be lead contamination. Considering that lead was legally used in paints… Read more »

Medicinal Mushrooms

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Medicinal mushrooms have a restorative effect on humans and the land. Mushrooms have a profound ability to boost the immune system, fight cancers, and improve functioning of important organs. They also help to rehabilitate damaged and polluted environments. If used in a farm or permaculture system, the mushrooms can improve the health of the owner… Read more »

Flowers for Bees – Across Melbourne

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Guide for selecting the best Australian suited flowers and plants to benefit the bees, pollinators and your garden. Flowers across Melbourne has put together a very detailed piece about the benefits and drawbacks to different types of plants/ flowers and herbs for Bees. This is a very informative read and we thank Flowers across Melbourne… Read more »