Is “GOING SOLAR” The Best Thing For The Future, When It Comes To Your Energy Supply.

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No, they are not the Beatles! These are enthusiastic students having just completed our advanced weekend course on semi-stand alone, battery based, (hybrid) 24-hour solar power systems. In front of them is instructor Mike Haydon’s state of the art C.I.G.S thin film solar array comprised of 10 x 160 watt UNI-SUN modules. Well hello; and… Read more »

Vivian Kaloxilos – Social and Environmental Warrior

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Written by Cheri-Lynn McCabe and Sandra Bartram. I arrived early for my interview with Vivian Kaloxilos, and as I waited at a small student-run co-op café called “The Hive” at Concordia University in Montreal, I reflected on the first time I heard her perform at the Northeastern Permaculture Convergence almost two and half years before…. Read more »

ARCAH’ s Therapeutic Permacultural Yard Part 3

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This is Part Three about ARCAH Therapeutic Permaculture Yard. Part One can be found here. Part two can be found here. Edited by James Turner Throughout 2014, our permaculture experience at the social-farm therapeutic community allowed all kinds of new patterns in our daily lives. We started to identify natures’ knowledge around us as we… Read more »

REC community PDC training (April 2015)

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A. Introduction A sustainability evaluation of urban agriculture (UA) projects in specific wards in Nelson Mandela Bay in 2012 (Phase I) and 2014 (phase II) has shown that 97% of the school garden were not sustainable. Most projects did not aim to empower gardeners to the point of rendering the garden autonomous. A recommendation was… Read more »

Help set up PRI Luganville, Vanuatu

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Support Tom and Zaia Kendall with Daniele Bettini and Anne Blanc, to establish a Permaculture Research Institute Master Plan site in Luganville, Vanuatu. The site will be a permaculture demonstration site where we will run PDCs and longer term practical experiences for local people. ‘We aim to show them that they have such wonderful traditions… Read more »

La Loma Viva

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Of all the countries in Europe, Spain could be arguably said to be the most destructive and irresponsible when it comes to agriculture: widely condoned cultivation of genetically modified crops (see for example 1), high-input intensive farming and notably heavy use of chemicals for fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides (see for example 2). This is especially… Read more »