Flowers for Bees – Across Melbourne

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Guide for selecting the best Australian suited flowers and plants to benefit the bees, pollinators and your garden. Flowers across Melbourne has put together a very detailed piece about the benefits and drawbacks to different types of plants/ flowers and herbs for Bees. This is a very informative read and we thank Flowers across Melbourne… Read more »

Video: A Permaculture Niche

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Tom Kendall from the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast talks about planting into an existing zone in a rainforest environment on his Permaculture Demonstration Site Maungaraeeda. Tom runs Permaculture Design Certificate and 8 week Practical courses as well as Certificate and Diploma courses in Kin Kin in the Noosa Hinterland on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland,… Read more »

Soil Degradation: Another Carbon Story

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Soil degradation can be a depressing topic. It is generally accepted that the decline in soil quality across Australia following European settlement has been extensive, and extreme in some areas. Soil degradation involves a reduction in soil quality, and this can refer to a decline in physical, chemical or biological properties, or to the actual… Read more »

A Review of the Permaculture Earthmoving & Hydrology Course at Eagles Deep, Tatong, Victoria.

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Eagles Deep is a 250 acre farm located high in a valley in the foothills of the Victorian highlands managed and hosted by project manager Carl Wantrup and farm manager Joe Herbert. David Spicer commented this is one of the fastest growing permaculture projects he has been involved with. A testament to the work ethic… Read more »

3 Super-Quick Do-It-Yourself Recipes for the Urban Home Gardener

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You’ve spent the time and effort growing your produce, nurturing and watching over it as it sprouts into life. One of the most rewarding areas of agriculture and home gardening for me is using this produce to create mouth-watering, healthy & delicious treats for my family (and me!) to snack on. Something about home-grown just… Read more »

Touring the Cedars of Lebanon

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Daniel Halsey, shows you the home of sustainable forestry for a thousand years, Lebanon has a history of foreign occupation, only matched by its resilient ability to maintain its resources in spite of political and social oppression. Imagine trees coppiced every 80 years, not annually or every few years. That takes dedication to long term… Read more »

PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) Antica Masseria dell’Alta Murgia Altamura

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Join us on June 28th 2015, for the opportunity to learn about permaculture principles and techniques from permaculture specialist Rhamis Kent, whilst experiencing the culture, food and traditions of beautiful Altamura just few Km away from Matera which has been recently designated European Capital of Culture in 2019! The Permaculture Design Certificate course is an… Read more »

“Perma-Tech” Renewable Energy Course

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This “Perma-Tech” Renewable Energy Course is no ordinary offering by any means! On completion, you will gain a multi-faceted view of how to design and construct an advanced next generation solar power system and be able to relate to others on how to do the same; In other words, it is a ” Solar Trainers… Read more »