Foraging Fun: Highbush Cranberries

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Photography courtesy of Tom Nagy Although reading about plants from trusted resources is an excellent introduction to the world of botany, experiencing plants as the creatures that they are in their natural context and in person is crucial to learning to distinguish them from any potentially poisonous or otherwise dangerous look-alikes and to grasp the… Read more »

The Permaculture Student Kickstarter

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“Matt Powers is one of my students from last years Online ‪‎Permaculture‬ Design Course (via This is a true testimony to the quality of students we are producing all around the globe with this ever reaching course. He has produced this book within the first year of taking the online PDC! Congratulations The Permaculture… Read more »

They Don’t Call it Rancho Relaxzo for Nothin’

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Photography by Nick Vassallo. Follow the winding highway up onto the shoulder of Maui; facing west on Haleakala’s rolling hills, gazing into the sunset and the sea, tucked into the district of Kula like a ripple in a comforter. Sooner than you think, you’ll arrive at Rancho Relaxzo–a 30 year young permaculture farm, our blissful… Read more »

Establishing Living Fences in Central America

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Photos Courtesy of Sam Kenworthy The use of living fences in the Central American region is prolific. Although installation techniques and application style of living fences varies across borders and climates, in Costa Rica the fences generally serve to delineate property and keep livestock within a boundary. Aside from their obvious uses, living fences generate… Read more »

Tomato Tomäto – Which Is Right For Your Garden?

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When it comes to tomatoes, it is clear that people love them. Tomatoes are the fourth-most-consumed fresh vegetable, and the average American actually consumes nearly 100 pounds of tomatoes per year. Yet this is not a large amount compared with Egypt and Greece, where eating more than 200 pounds per year is average. However, the… Read more »

What Should I Charge as a Permaculture Design Consultant?

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5 acre sustainable/regenerative farm design for family of 7 Over the last few years I have spent a good amount of time working on a variety of different permaculture designs and consultations in different parts of the US and abroad. Even though some techniques and strategies are similar, which mostly remain the same (chicken tractoring,… Read more »

Finding your Sustainability Niche

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Within every system there is the normal way of doing things and then there is your way. Finding work, hobby, career or passion, it’s important to, yes, learn the system, but then express it in your own unique way, leveraging your unique gifts, talents, insights and experiences. I found a great permaculture podcast site (… Read more »

Permaculture Celebrates its Tasmanian Origins

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Permaculture is a design system for sustainable living and land use that was conceived in Tasmania 40 years ago by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. Permaculture One published in 1978 to world wide acclaim, coincided with an explosion of interest in organic gardening & farming, renewable energy, and other aspects of positive environmentalism that many… Read more »