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Permaculture Suburban Planning

Permaculture Suburban Planning

Get inspired with some footage of Davis California’s Village Homes. Nicholas Burtner visits and see how these strategies and techniques combined with appropriate technology over the last 50 years can make amazing future suburban sites! Visit his Website: Visit his Facebook:

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Cattle and Water Use

tom cattle water feat

For years now I have been seeing posts and hearing comments from students about the enormous amount of (drinking) water used by cattle. Studies propose that it takes 12,000 gallons to produce 1 pound of beef (or 100,000 liters to produce 1 kilogram, see this article). These studies however are based on cattle consuming hay and grain. Do cattle consume hay or grain in their natural environment? No. It is […]

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Gaiacraft : Free Permaculture Learning and Teaching Tools


I like to think of the four paths of permaculture as learning, teaching, doing and sharing. I have spent my time learning from elders of permaculture, learning through teaching my classes, learning through doing in my community gardens but perhaps most of all, learning through creating free open source permaculture educational media and teaching tools that combine together everything I have learned and share it with the World Community. These […]

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8 Common Plants to Grow for Their Medicinal Benefits (All Great for Indoor Container Gardens)

Oregano (Courtesy of cyclonbill)

Just about the same time I started getting into permaculture, I began developing an interest in the power of food as a preventative medicine. Permaculture appealed to me because it seemed obvious that the way we were cultivating our food with an overabundance of chemicals was destructive to the planet and to our own health. When it came to farming, doing what came naturally seemed, well, the natural solution. Letting […]

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Food Security through Agroecology in Africa

Cow Calf Grazing

The impact of climate change is a threat to food security around the world. The global state of food insecurity is the biggest motivating factor on why we should apply a paradigm shift to our agriculture. Extreme weather conditions and the overall effect of climate change is certainly a pressing reality which should push all of us to adapt and employ mitigation strategies in agriculture. Simultaneously, our global population is […]

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Life Lessons Learned From Permaculture

zaia life lessons feat

I am an impatient and organised (to the point of ocd) woman. I write lists for almost everything, have a “to do” list on my device with reminders set and try to get things done yesterday instead of today or tomorrow. As you can understand, this way of life actually puts me under a lot of (self inflicted) stress. Stress takes an enormous toll on the body and manifests itself […]

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Did you miss Geoffs’ Latest Top Five – This One Was A Doozy

Did you miss Geoffs' Latest Top Five - This One Was A Doozy feat

Highlights include: • “Magic tricks” that can make water disappear…and appear. • Bill Mollison’s surprising perspective on how to measure gardening success. Hint: It’s not just about output. • My good friend Jack Spirko’s first-ever listener-voted podcast. • An incredible long-form article on solastalgia, a “form of psychic or existential distress caused by environmental change.” • An electric bike coming out of Silicon Valley that uses the same batteries as […]

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Saving the Planet through Permaculture….and Zoning Laws/Building Codes?

Saving the Planet through Permaculture feat

Right now on this planet there are thousands of Permaculture warriors prepared to regenerate the Earth’s ecosystems and feed the world abundantly. Imagine if suddenly it was possible for a land owner or small farmer to get a legal permit for a ‘Low Impact Sustainable Development’ (LISD) on their land – an EcoVillage. Imagine an agency that worked with local government to standardize a framework and criteria that had each […]

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There are so many daunting environmental concerns that loom in the present and on the horizon, but perhaps none is quite as troubling and alarming as the limited supply of fresh water. In areas of drought and desert landscape, this precious resource isn’t just flushed away, but even still, coming up with enough to meet the drinking and hygienic demands of even a small population is a daunting prospect. While […]

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Plant Trees – Plant Hope in India

Plant Trees - Plant Hope in India 08

Green Tree Foundation (GTF), is a wonderul NPO (not for profit organisation), with a clear vision to establish a Green Tree filled society by means of massive revegetation by involving the farming community, schools, individuals and institutions working towards similar goals. Feeding the people and giving them a sustainable means of income. They aim to achieve this through horticulture under irrigation, agroforestry, back yard horticulture, water harvesting and kitchen gardens. […]

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Compost as a Way to Remove Toxins in the Environment

Compost as a Way to Remove Toxins in the Environment feat

If soil changes take place in a negative form, restoring this soil back to its original state is quite a challenge. However, by the use of compost which introduces beneficial soil organisms to support the desired vegetative life, we can support the rapid regeneration of the soil back to its native state. This is left to take form in a natural manner will take thousands of years for the earth’s […]

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Quail Aviary Construction – With Jack Spirko!

Quail Aviary Construction jack spirko

Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast takes you through the construction of a Quail Aviary on his property. Also, if you want to know anything about Ducks, Gooses (Geese – But Jack is right, Gooses sounds correct), head over to Jacks’ Youtube Channel for the enjoyable Duck Chronicles – now up to episode 23 for Season 2.

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