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Are Green Buildings Healthier Buildings?


– Green buildings are not just better for environment but are also beneficial for its occupant’s health. It’s well known that, green buildings reduce the impact on the environment by conserving water and energy, and by minimizing the disturbances to the local surroundings. But, what is less known and less recognized is the fact that, green buildings positively influence the human health, well-being and productivity. They influence directly at the […]

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Can a Tableful of Food be Produced Economically in an Urban Environment?


The reality has always been that it takes land to grow crops…no matter the type of crop. People need certain nutrients (protein, carbohydrate, roughage, and others) to thrive and all come from crops that are presently grown on arable land. The problem is that as the population increases, the amount of land available for crop production decreases. But, more people also mean the need to produce more food. It is […]

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The Dilemma of Design (Or Not to Design)

Front Yard Food Forest in Our Panama Project

One of the major reasons Emma and I were excited about visiting Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, a place we’ve been to numerous times (as this country is more or less our base), earlier this year was that there are several developed permaculture sites there. These are spots that have been operating long enough to have productive trees and, as well, have been developed by people who’ve been at the game […]

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This is a truly eye opening location to earn your PDC


This PDC is hosted by Geoff Lawtons’ renown colleagues Rhamis Kent and Salah Hammad on the award winning Greening the Desert Site in the Dead Sea Valley just 10km north of the Dead Sea and 6 km east of the Jordanian-Palestinian border, directly east of the West Bank. ABOUT THE LOCATION This is a truly eye opening location to earn your PDC. You will be studying on the lowest point […]

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Storing Energy by Gravity


– A simple and efficient way for large scale and long duration energy storage. Renewable energy technologies have come a long way since the first solar panels and wind turbines were built to harness the energy from sun and wind to meet the ever increasing energy demands of mankind. Advancements in renewable technologies and mushrooming of bigger and larger wind and solar farms are slowly reducing the unit cost of […]

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Take Permaculture to Haiti


The Aid and Orphanage program was birthed in the heart of Nicholas Burtner, Director of the School of Permaculture, with the belief that permaculture and holistic practices truly help and empower the dis-empowered and needy. School of Permaculture provides aid to orphanages, children’s homes, women’s shelters, and struggling agricultural farms (called “aid sites”) by redesigning their environments and providing local training and site design. Regenerative sustainability is key to providing […]

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Season 2 of the Duck Chronicles has commenced!


Jack Spirko who hosts The Survival Podcast and his own Youtube Channel has been showing season two of his duck chronicles. Season one really illustrated, from the first episode to the last episode, how proper caring for ducks can make a positive impact on the environment. In season two, Jack starts off again by showing his dedication to these newly hatched chicks and ensuring that they are set up into […]

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Nottinghill Forest Garden 2015: Future Projects


Part One can be found here. Part Two can be found here. Part Three (A) can be found here. Part Three (B) can be found here. Part Four can be found here. Part Five can be found here. Nitrogen Fixer Stacking Because we have many seeds for false indigo bushes and black locust (Amorpha fruticosa and Robinia pseudoacacia, respectively), they should be germinated in early spring and set into containers […]

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Byron Hinterland Seed Savers

seed savers resized front image

The Byron Hinterland Seed Savers is a group within the network. They host 4 events each year where gardeners, farmers and edible plant growers of all kinds come together and share seeds and plants saved from their gardens for free! Some passionate gardeners bring propagation material from dozens of different plant varieties and some folks just getting into gardening don’t have anything to share but are encouraged to come […]

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30 Years of Greening the Desert – Flowering Tree


Joel Glanzberg shows us in this short film 30 years off proof that we can reverse climate change while providing for all of our needs and making our homes beautiful. About Joel Glanzberg Playing and working in the farms and forests of Southeastern Pennsylvania and the houses his father built, Joel was steeped early on in natural systems and people working and living in them. The rigors of a self-directed […]

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The Benefits of Building a Raised Bed Garden.


Raised bed gardens increase in popularity each year. From simple, sustainable structures to elegant, elaborate works of garden art, raised beds run the gamut of styles, sizes, and spending. While farmers grew crops in the ground for centuries, why is gardening in a raised bed so appealing? Superior Soil. First, raised beds allow you to control the soil. Whether you battle clay soil or you’ve experienced a soil-born disease in […]

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Food Sovereignty


‘Food sovereignty’ is fast becoming a lost concept; the right to have the knowledge and resources to grow our own food is an essential right. If we don’t have access to nutrient dense organic food, then where do we get the essential energy to heal our body, mind and spirit certainly not from the supermarket where the average ‘fresh food’, in Australia food often travels more than 1000klms from farm […]

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