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The redesigning of has been months in the making, and you may have noticed some changes and a quieter front within the old site while we have been building in the background. Now it’s my pleasure to introduce to you the new The site is responsive; from our day to day articles all the way through to our ten-year-old forums. So you can view and interact with the […]

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Free Screening this Weekend: INHABIT – A Permaculture Perspective


Inhabit is a feature length documentary introducing permaculture: a design method that offers an ecological lens for solving issues related to agriculture, economics, governance, and on. The film presents a vast array of projects, concepts, and people, and it translates the diversity of permaculture into something that can be understood by an equally diverse audience. For those familiar, it will be a call to action and a glimpse into what’s […]

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15 or More Easy DIY Garden Projects with Garbage

Plastic Pillow Stuffing

Trash happens. It just does. And, our job as concerned world citizens, responsible for ourselves and the impact we are all individually making on the planet, is to figure out how to deal with that garbage in a sensible way. When all is said and done, we should be leaving the world in better condition than we found it, not in heaping piles of toxic waste. The truth of the […]

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Permaculture and the Myth of Overpopulation


When teaching permaculture I often start out by doing a giant problems mind map. I ask students to brainstorm all of the major “problems” they see in the world to reflect on what brought them to study permaculture. Nine times out of ten the idea of overpopulation as a root “problem” in the world comes up. Overpopulation describes a situation where there are too many people for the amount of […]

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Solutions from the Jungle: The Tengkawang Factory


The Tengkawang Factory: A promising solution from the Jungle. A factory that provides an alternative against the destructive palm-oil industry on Borneo Indonesia. Project by Willie Smits and the Masarang Foundation.

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Permaculture on a Regional Scale


A 20-year journey as a student of Geoff Lawton. “You can only change things within yourself first, and then you can only change things locally. Things only ever change on a local level – Geoff Lawton, Costa Rica, 1996” My Permaculture story starts with Geoff Lawton at a Permaculture Design Course (PDC ) while I was traveling in Guatemala in the mid-1990’s. I was a disillusioned recent graduate of Industrial […]

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Why I am cycling around Haiti planting trees

A dried-up riverbed in Haiti's southern peninsula

For the past year, I have had the privilege of working with grassroots organizations in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, on issues of food security, urban gardening, and environmental protection. I have seen first-hand the Haitian spirit of ‘konbit’, an untranslatable word referring to the coming-together of a community to work for a common goal. I have seen people with no funding from aid organizations or the government, with only the resources […]

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The Death Of Bees Explained – Parasites, Poison and Humans

bee colony colapse

In 2015 the bees are still dying in masses. Which at first seems not very important until you realize that one third of all food humans consume would disappear with them. Millions could starve. The foes bees face are truly horrifying – some are a direct consequence of human greed. We need to help our small buzzing friends or we will face extremely unpleasant consequences.

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A Walk in Nature – What’s in it for my Mind?

IMG_6132 ingrid pullen photography  copy_Fotor

With increased urbanization and demographic shift from rural to urban areas, more and more people are getting alienated from nature. At the same time, with each passing year, the number of people taking medication or visiting psychiatrist due to depression, mood disorder and other mental illness is on a steep rise. Is there a link between our mental health and nature? If so, how does nature influence an individual’s mood […]

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Environmental Awareness in Pakistan


Environmental awareness, industries working more and more towards it with passing time. With progress related to the industrial sector comes one thing for sure, a more degrading environment. Our advancement has always affected the nature adversely but the trend has changed majorly in the last decade and the population has become more inclined towards the environment protection. The degradation has finally changed the outlook of the society towards the environment […]

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Convenience Food for Beginners: Urban and Suburban Zoning the Permaculture Way

Home Garden in Bogota

We never see it coming. In the beginning, there is all the excitement, seedlings going into the carefully groomed garden bed. We’ve enriched the soil the best we can, an assortment of legumes and compost. We’ve played the game right with a thick, organic coating of mulch so that the soil stays lively, airy, and moist. We’ve intercropped, designed with symbiotic relationships in mind, knowing that as our plants grow […]

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Rapidly-Cut Swales with Tractor Blade


We are making early progress on our 320-acre Missouri permaculture-farm project (Jordan Rubin’s Heal the Planet Farm). Last fall, a local dozer operator was brought in to dig the first swales. It was a small dozer but it did a respectable job and did the work in a relatively short period of time compared to an excavator. See the blog post with video here. Before we brought the dozer back […]

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