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Australia Could Be The First Victim Of “Madhouse” Denial Of Climate Science

Australia Could Be The First Victim Of  “Madhouse” Denial Of Climate Science

As the United States government begins scaling back environmental protections, climate scientist and Penn State professor Michael Mann is warning that ignorance of scientific data could lead to global disaster – starting in Australia. Consistent refusal to accept scientific evidence supporting climate change and his insistence that global warming is merely a “hoax” isn’t just an embarrassment for the United States, Mann said. By engaging in a “fake debate” about […]

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Degraded Land Impacts The Metabolism Of Local Bees

Bee´s in front of a stock

Researchers in Perth have potentially uncovered a secret to understanding the declining populations of bees around the globe. According to a study conducted by Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Curtin University, and the University of Western Australia, when human impact leaves bees with a lack of food, they don’t make an effort to forage further from home – instead, they start to depend on food sources stored inside the hive. […]

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Voices Of Change PODCAST: A Conversation With Diego Footer

Voices Of Change PODCAST: A Conversation With Diego Footer

Recently I had a chance to chat with Diego Footer from Creative Destruction, formally known as Permaculture Voices, on a podcast series featuring “honest, hard conversations about farming, business, and life with those trying to make a living doing something that they love and dealing with life in the process.” We spoke in depth about how permaculture can be an incredible design tool and how it has transformed my own […]

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Just Enough Is Plenty (Book Review)

USA - CIRCA 1967 : stamp printed in the USA shows Henry David Thoreau was an American author, poet, circa 1967

In my early twenties I came across Henry David Thoreau and attempted to read Walden.  I admit I struggled.  If only Just Enough Is Plenty was available then I am sure Thoreau’s concepts would have been much easier to grasp.  Samuel Alexander has written an excellent introduction to Thoreau’s works.  Just Enough Is Plenty: Thoreau’s Alternative Economics not only summarises Thoreau’s ideas it is also a pithy statement of Alexander’s work itself: it is short, […]

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Registrations are now open for Geoff Lawton’s 2016 Online PDC


Earlier this year, Geoff Lawton started filming a brand new Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC 2.0). His intent was to create a course that was both in depth and thorough using his vast knowledge of both Bill Mollison’s book Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual and his 30+ years of Permaculture teachings. The end result is a course that is vastly different to any other PDC Geoff has ever taught before. So […]

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The Essential Practical Nature of Permaculture

The Essential Practical Nature of Permaculture feat

I undertook my first Permaculture Design Certificate in 2005 and was blown away by the opening and revealing of new perspectives in my mind. There is literally a schism in the way I view the world that I can identify as pre-PDC and post-PDC. This is what Permaculture offers to those of us who are ready and willing to engage the way we live our lives in relation to nature […]

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The US Election: Inspiration for Instigation

3D illustration of a calendar showing the day of elections

Editor Note: The topic of these articles is the environmental aspect, as the President elect of the United States of America – Who was voted in accordingly to the laws of that country – has made a number of comments on the topics of climate change and the environment, these are relevant to the Permaculture movement as it impacts the overall framework of the work we do and the systems […]

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Donald Trump for One United People?

Donald Trump for One United feat

So it has come to be that Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States, yet the world has not ceased to spin and the rains—one assumes—will still fall. We still have to eat, we still need shelter, we still long to commune, and the earth is still all we’ve got to provide all these things. It would be a lie for me to say that I believe this president-elect will be a positive one for the planet.

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The US Election, Standing Rock, Before the Flood, and How It All Ties in to the Permaculture Movement

Albany Wind Farm

Some time ago I wrote an article about permaculture as a political act, and as an idea, it was one of the more inciting that I’ve shared on Permaculture News. Many people wish to keep permaculture out of the political sphere, to view the goings on of the world as something we each address individually, not as a movement. There seems to be a fear, as seems often the case […]

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Australia Is Currently In The Midst Of Its Own Potato Famine

Fresh organic potatoes in the field

From 1845 to 1852, Ireland suffered through one of the worst famines in history when potato blight ruined the island nation’s crops year after year. The country’s eight million citizens were highly reliant on the staple food product, and around a million people died in that time frame, while another two million migrated, forever altering the course of Irish history. As you might have heard, Australia is currently in the […]

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Flow Hive Update!

Flow Hive Update feat

Flow Hive is the brainchild of father-and-son team, Stu and Cedar Anderson. Passionate beekeepers, they knew there was a better alternative to traditional beekeeping methods. After years of hard work and brainstorming, Flow Hive was born. No one, however, could have anticipated the overwhelming success the project would experience via crowdfunding. The Indiegogo campaign launched in February 2015, with a goal of $70,000. Within 15 minutes, they had gathered $250,000 […]

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