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The Power of Enterprise Budgets: Permaculture, Holistic Management, and Financial Planning

Resource alert: At bottom of this blog post is a download option for more than a thousand enterprise budgets. Permaculture designers: It’s time to get serious about profitability. Farmers & Greenhorns: You already know what I’m talking about. I’ve been working on an integrated ecological farm design for the Ashokan Center in the Hudson River Valley bioregion. The design calls for a mega-diversity of organic enterprises: Multi-species rotational grazing, hardy […]

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Making The Case for Earth Repair Work – Part III

In addition to my last two posts (here and here), here are a couple of additional information sources to help make the case for major investment to be made into global earth repair/ecosystem restoration work. The United Nations Environment Programme recently published a report titled "Dead Planet, Living Planet – Biodiversity and Ecosystem Restoration for Sustainable Development: A Rapid Response Assessment" (15mb PDF). What makes this document so useful and […]

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Home Cheese-Making DVD Hits the Road!

Okay, it’s taken a while and we were expecting to release this title last year. We even had a few people ask for it for last year’s Christmas, but the truth is we took too long to finish it. So now it’s here, ready to go! Elisabeth Fekonia’s Home Cheesemaking and All Things Dairy DVD has finally been released!

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New Book and Edible School Garden for Mary Valley State College at Imbil, Queensland

Teachers at Mary Valley State College will be struggling to keep their students in the classroom thanks to a new Permaculture school garden program starting on the 23rd of this month. Leonie Shanahan of Edible School Gardens has now set up 15 schools garden projects on the Sunshine Coast and the kids say it’s a winner. One boy said after hugging his teacher “I’m not clever in the classroom but […]

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Permaculture Takes Off in Tanzania!

Editor’s Note: It’s with pleasure I introduce you to a fantastic and fast-spreading permaculture movement in Tanzania, kicked off by Geoff Lawton’s PDC in 2007 (see Geoff’s articles on his experiences and observations there here and here), and organised by our partner the Global Resource Alliance. Below is an excellent documentary looking at their work and its context. From the Mara Soil GRA’s office plot in Musoma, Tanzania GRA was […]

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Documentary Screening, July 6 2010 – The Garden at the End of the World

Another free screening of Gary Caganoff’s film featuring Mahboba’s Promise, ‘The Garden at the End of the World‘, will be held at the International Peace Research Association Conference at Sydney University on July 6th, 2010. As part of the conference’s fringe events the film will be at the Footbridge Theatre* at 6pm. Gary, permaculturalist Rosemary Morrow, and Emtissal Little representing Mahboba’s Promise, will speak afterwards. Members of the public are […]

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Book Review: Resilience Thinking – Sustaining Ecosystems and People in a Changing World

Book by Brian Walker and David Salt Island Press – 2006 174 pages Reviewed by Owen Hablutzel When is the last time you were surprised? It might have been a brand new volunteer plant in the garden, bizarre and beautiful fungi in the pasture, an incredible storm on the horizon, or a blessed windfall on the balance sheets! Given the inherent unpredictable nature of wholes – complex adaptive systems from […]

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Carbon Trading Under Scrutiny

People for or against carbon trading would do well to download and read these two excellent new publications There are a great many Joe Publics out there naively hand-wringing and even taking to the streets to protest over their government’s inability to implement carbon trading. But I’d propose they take a good look at the documents featured here, and consider the old proverb: "Be careful what you wish for, because […]

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Regeneration – an Earth Saving Evolution

Regeneration – an Earth Saving Evolution How biological farming builds healthier soils, healthier plants, healthier animals and certain hope in an uncertain world. In a kind of army style ‘about-face’, society is increasingly turning away from the reductionist, extractive agriculture that rushed onto the world after WWII. Today people are, thankfully, realising that you cannot convert biodiverse natural systems into monocultures – into a factory floor environment – and expect […]

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