A New Permatecture Toolbox! (From Nikos A. Salingaros)

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by Øyvind Holmstad The goal of permaculture is to reunite man with nature and man with man through design systems, and here patterns play an important role. Still, patterns can only reunite humans with natural systems and with each other, not with the geometry of the universe. Surely in what I like to call permatecture,… Read more »

The Timeless Way of Building

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by Øyvind Holmstad This timeless book from Christopher Alexander was released back in the seventies, and it’s just as much a book on philosophy as on architecture. Still, the main purpose of the book is as an introduction to A Pattern Language. Alexander’s architectural writings at the same time develop a philosophy of nature and… Read more »

Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture – a Review

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by Harry Byrne Wykman Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture is the work of a man of unique sensitivity and imagination. Holzer has combined a lifetime of practical experience with clarity of expression and intellect to produce a book which will satisfy a practically-minded farmer or gardener as well as the student of agroecological design. With gentle strength,… Read more »

Book Review: Unplanning – Livable Cities and Political Choices

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In this book Charles Siegel explains the history of city planning, where we are now, and most importantly, where we need to go. Many environmentalists believe the huge problems of today’s cities are a result of lack of planning. The opposite is true — urban sprawl, traffic congestion and shopping malls are a result of… Read more »

Ecofilms 2011 – What Are We Working On?

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We’re planning a number of exciting new titles to be released in 2011. Urban Permaculture DVD One of the complaints we often get from people living in the city is that we focus a little heavily on Permaculture titles that require a large scale farm to get the most benefit from practicing Permaculture. So we… Read more »

Permaculture DVDs on IMDB? Are We Going Mainstream?

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A couple of months ago we got an email from Todd Moody who wrote to us, “Earlier this year I began an endeavour to submit all released permaculture documentaries to IMDb.com (the Internet Movie Database). I later expanded that effort to include documentaries about other topics related to sustainable living, social issues, and ecological awareness…. Read more »

Guardians of the Seed

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This is a trailer for a much longer film on the same topic that Seed Savers produced over three years, the one-hour documentary , “Our Seeds”, available here Our food plants originate in areas of the world where the poorest people now live. They domesticated wild plants over the last 10,000 years. Let’s honour, assist… Read more »

Permaculture or Industrial Agriculture? An Excerpt from the New Permaculture Soils DVD

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In this excerpt from the new Permaculture Soils DVD, Geoff Lawton explains how we’re eeking out an existence on increasingly lifeless soils — where industrial agriculture takes rich fertile soils and steadily converts it into nothing but an inert medium for placing plants. This is not a process that can continue for much longer. In… Read more »

Permaculture Soils DVD Now Shipping!

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Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Soils DVD is now shipping. A special thanks go out to all the people that pre-ordered this disk and waited patiently for their DVD to arrive. If you haven’t received them already, your DVDs are now in the mail and will arrive very shortly. We had a few issues with transport delays… Read more »

Early Retirement Extreme

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Two issues keep on puzzling me about economics. On the one hand, it undoubtedly is an incredibly important subject. At present, my life pretty much depends on being able to buy certain things from a functioning economy and the same holds for just about everybody else. On the other hand, there seem to be a… Read more »