Support ‘Seeds of Permaculture’ – a Free Documentary About Tropical Permaculture

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Seeds of Permaculture Trailer While working as a site manager at a startup permaculture education center in Thailand I had the unique opportunity to participate in the filming of a documentary film about permaculture and, in particular, the education center I was helping to create. This film is now moments away from having an opportunity… Read more »

Genetic Roulette Documentary – Free Viewing Period Extended Until End of October 2012

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A few days ago I informed that you could watch the Genetic Roulette Documentary for free until October 17. Well, several organisations have kindly sponsored an extension of this free viewing period until the end of October. With Proposition 37 coming up on November 6 in California, there’s no time like the present to get… Read more »

Intro to ‘The Wealth of the Commons: A World Beyond Market and State’, Part II – Why the Language of the Commons Matters

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The text below is the second half of the Introduction to the recently published anthology of essays, The Wealth of the Commons:  A World Beyond Market and State (Levellers Press).  The first half was posted yesterday.  More about the book can be found at As the corruption of the market/state duopoly has deepened, our… Read more »

Intro to ‘The Wealth of the Commons: A World Beyond Market and State’, Part I – The Commons as a Transformative State

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Below is the first half of the Introduction to our new anthology of essays, The Wealth of the Commons:  A World Beyond Market and State, just published by Levellers Press.  The Introduction is by me and Silke Helfrich, my co-editor and colleague on the Commons Strategies Group.  Part II of the essay will be published… Read more »

The Man Who Started a Fire (Christopher Alexander Lecture at Berkeley, California)

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by Øyvind Holmstad Jump to 12:20 to skip introductions As said in the introduction to this lecture held in spring 2011, Christopher Alexander has started a fire that keeps on burning, spread by the ‘wind’ throughout the world. But in the wake of this fire there’s no ash, but only beauty and true living structure…. Read more »

Manifestos of the International Commission on the Future of Food and Agriculture

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by Navdanya International The Manifesto on the Future of Seeds outlines ways and means to strengthen and accelerate the movement toward sustainable agriculture, food sovereignty, biodiversity and agricultural diversity and help defend the rights of farmers to save, share, use and improve seeds, as well as to enhance our collective capacity to adapt to the… Read more »

Permaculture: ‘A Rhymer’s Manual’

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From earthworms to "earworms" (songs that just won’t get out of your head), Charlie Jones is taking pattern learning a step further towards a dynamic, brave new approach to communicating and teaching concepts of permaculture with the creation of ‘Permaculture: A Rhymer’s Manual’.

Help Get The Idiot Cycle into the Public Domain

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The Idiot Cycle – trailer I am Emmanuelle Schick Garcia, the director of the award-winning documentary The Idiot Cycle that investigates the connections between the chemical, cancer and GMO industries (the film focuses on Dow Chemical, Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont, BASF and Astrazeneca). I am contacting you because we have started a campaign to transfer The… Read more »

Permaculture Film On Demand in Hilton Resorts

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An inspiring documentary film featuring permaculture in rural Tanzania will be available to watch for free ‘on demand’ in Hilton and Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts all over the world. “From the Mara Soil,” directed by Steve Schrenzel and produced by Global Resource Alliance, Inc., was one of five films selected by a partnership between… Read more »

Seeds of Freedom, 2012 (Official Trailer Release)

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To see things in the seed, that is genius. – Lao Tzu I guess Lao Tzu did not factor that there would be two types of geniuses born. Those, like a handful of greedy corporations, who use seeds to control, govern and enslave, and those — like traditional farmers and permaculturists — who nurture the… Read more »

Funding Sought for Permaculture Film – The Chikukwa Project

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Gillian Leahy (a documentary maker) and Terry Leahy (permaculture researcher) are making a film about the Chikukwa project in Zimbabwe. This is a feel good story out of Africa. For the last 20 years an amazing permaculture project has been working in Zimbabwe. Where once the people of the Chikukwa villages suffered hunger, malnutrition and… Read more »