First Steps to a Food Forest in the Southern Tablelands

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by Dominick ter Huurne & Inke Falkner Having found the bush block we had long been searching for, a protracted settlement period gave us plenty of time to decide exactly what we wanted to do with it. At 40 hectares the property was much larger than we had ever envisaged buying, but we fell in… Read more »

Observations from a New Permie

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One of the principles of permaculture is to ‘observe’.  Having started in permaculture about 18 months ago I’d like to share some of my observations, especially in regards to my own behaviour, assumptions and, importantly, mistakes I’ve made along the way. Back in October, 2009, having just discovered permaculture, my wife and I became very excited… Read more »

City Kids Move to the Country – Part IV

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Editor’s Note: This article was written in mid-December, when Queensland’s rains were nothing like that witnessed of late, and which have caused the catastrophic flooding in many towns and cities across the state. I mention this to ensure people realise Nicola was not being insensitive with timing of a Queensland- and water-based article. Our thoughts… Read more »

Permaculture at the Al-Baydha Project in Saudi Arabia – Neal Spackman, Video 1

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Do you remember Geoff’s recent Saudi Arabia consultation? Well, left behind in the Kingdom as project manager to implement the work is Neal Spackman. Neal has kindly followed up on my request for reports, providing the video and images below. After the video I’ll give you a little more swivel-chair commentary based on info I’ve… Read more »

Kids Move to the Country – Part II

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Pit-falls, projects and laughs from our Permaculture journey “Andrew, I need to talk to you about something,” I’ve sought out the new president of the Community Garden at Peregian Beach, Andrew Maitland, to ask an important yet delicate question. “Yes?” “It’s about slugs,” “Slugs?” “Yes, I have a lovely, bumper crop of slugs.”

Saudi Arabian Philippines (with Tropical Desert Possibilities) – Discovering the Cultural Edges

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A Filipino garden — in Saudi Arabia! Working in Saudi Arabia on a large project, in this case the Al-Baydha project, involving Bedouin People who have been resettled into villages for the past 20-30 years, is an interesting broad landscape affair as it covers about 700km2 and 9 villages. The culture of Bedouin rangeland management,… Read more »

Piped Swale Crossings

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Permaculture is a connecting system between disciplines and elements in a matrix of design, and swales are a mainframe element. The efficiency of swales is that they can interrupt water surface flow high in a landscape where it is then infiltrated relatively quickly, on contour, and moves incredibly slowly through the landscape soil and subsoil… Read more »

So You Want to be a Permaculture Designer! What’s Stopping You?

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Final colour master plan Experience? Well yes, but that’s something that you can learn along the way. You don’t need to be the World’s best Graphic artist or AutoCAD genius, but you do need to be creative, have an eye for landscape patterning and a PDC in hand. I just finished my first Permaculture design… Read more »

Letters from Jordan – On Consultation at Jordan’s Largest Farm, and Contemplating Transition

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Preamble: From my recent trip to Jordan, I shared with you all the news, with loads of pictures, about the International Permaculture Conference (IPC) that will be held there in September 2011. I also slipped over the border to take a quick peek at Murad Alkufash’s work in the West Bank, and took video of… Read more »

A Call to Large Scale Earth Healing and Lessons from the Loess Plateau (Video)

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The world is coming unglued. The world burns. What are we going to do about it? Map of fires in Russia As I type, half of Russia is on fire after its hottest summer on record, Pakistan is dealing with the biggest floods in living memory and Australia is still in the clutches of a… Read more »

What (and not) About that Natural Pool Conversion on the Gold Coast?

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April 2008 It’s been about a year now since I had the pleasure of Craig at my house to do the story on the Natural Swimming Pool conversion I am attempting. It was an interesting year for me on the home garden front and the personal front with lots of new surprises and projects. I… Read more »