Report on Permaculture Design at Alhassan Akuraa, Buipe, Ghana

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Editor’s Note: For background on this report, see Paul’s previous post. On the 1st August 2011 the Permaculture Network Ghana undertook a project in collaboration with Harvesters Mission at Alhassan Akuraa, which includes a food forest establishment, nursery establishment, paddock systems, soil treatment and the likes. Alhassan Akuraa is a village located in the Brong… Read more »

Rhamis Kent: Permaculture in Somalia (IPC10 Presentation – Video)

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Rhamis Kent speaking at the Tenth International Permaculture Conference (IPC10), Amman, Jordan, September 2011 Photograph © Craig Mackintosh The PRI’s Rhamis Kent talks about the situation in Somalia — including the so-called ‘aid’ work presently underway, with its short-term business oriented methods and the social blackmailing it encourages, and constrasts it with the more holistic… Read more »

Permaculture in Pormpuraaw

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The journey to finding myself in Pormpuraaw teaching Permaculture started back in 2008, when we actively sought to sponsor an indigenous person to take our first PDC here at Rosella Waters, co-taught by Darren Doherty and the PRI’s Geoff Lawton. Through conversation with Noel Pearson’s Cape York Institute, I was lead to Nick Maxwell, an… Read more »

Permaculture Successes in a Zimbabwean Community

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by Monika Goforth and Terry Leahy, University of Newcastle, Australia To use permaculture lingo, Chikukwa can be described as a real edge, both in terms of ecology, culture and language, and the edge effect has certainly produced something rich. The community here has a sense of being both somewhat innocent and progressive at the same… Read more »

From the Mara Soil – a Film About Simple and Natural Solutions to Poverty, Hunger and Disease

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What if global hunger, poverty and disease could be solved with resources already at our disposal? A film directed by Steve Schrenzel It was a pleasure to meet Tara Blasco and Lyn Hebenstreit at the Tenth International Permaculture Conference (IPC10) in Jordan this month. Tara and Lyn have been deeply involved in a Tanzanian success… Read more »

Think of a Tank

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The “free market thinktanks” and their secret funders are a threat to democracy. by George Monbiot: journalist, author, academic and environmental and political activist, United Kingdom. Nadine Dorries won’t answer it. Lord Lawson won’t answer it. Michael Gove won’t answer it. But it’s a simple question, and if they don’t know it’s because they don’t… Read more »

A Small Update on Blog Comments (and a Change to How They Work)

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An important post for all who comment on this site When you get a lot of strong-minded individuals together, sometimes conversations can get heated…. Permaculturists, not being your everyday, run-of-the-mill ‘sheeple’, are often strong-minded individuals…. When you’re dealing with important, world-changing topics of discussion — and differing ideals in connection with them — then sometimes… Read more »

Sandot Sukkaew’s Tacomepai Farm (Thailand): A 20-Year-Old Permaculture Project

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Sandot Sukkaew explains the difference between his own organic rice paddies and the chemically-treated ones in the background. As the forests were felled, the life-giving water disappeared – Thai farmer Sandot Sukkaew made that critical connection decades ago while laboring in the mud of his father’s rice paddies, and he’s spent the past 20 years… Read more »

Consensus, Community and Addiction

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by Theron Beaudreau A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus. — Martin Luther King, Jr. Our ability to cultivate the reality we seek is determined by our ability to communicate constructively. Community is the result of a conversation and, by the very nature of this conversation, community is… Read more »

Permaculture in Nyumbani Village, the Birth of PRI Kenya, and a New Course With Warren Brush

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Nyumbani Village, which is a program of the Children of God Relief Institute (COGRI) caring for both HIV infected and affected children, aims to establish a self-sustaining, community-based residential village serving children orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS. This is being achieved through providing a family like settling where the orphans are under stewardship of… Read more »

Letters from Slovakia – Contemplating the Roma and Other Minorities in a Post-Peak Oil World

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In a world of decreasing energy excess, will ancient hostilities get reignited or defused? What will peak oil and economic collapse mean for our human relationships if we fail to prepare for the stress ahead? “It was a dark and misty night…” So begins many a dramatic work of fiction. I am not going to… Read more »