FRESH – World’s Wildest Supermarket

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A holistic and most outrageous concept being turned into reality in Denmark. From: Sepp Holzer’s Permakultur, Leopold Stocker Verlag, 2008 Fresh is the concept for an organic, living supermarket in cities and villages, where instead of taking the items off the shelf, the customer harvests the produce directly from raised beds! It is a system… Read more »

Imagine the Abundance – Your Urban Landscape

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The Urban Consultancy and Design Course experience at the Permaculture Research Institute. Imagine, you’re perusing the Sunday paper, thumbing through various articles, world news, sports, opinion pieces… yea, we’ve all been there. What feelings arise for you as the images pass by your eyes? Article after article, world news and local… everything seems so dismal…. Read more »

Charles Eisenstein on Growing “the Bright Side of the Force”

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Charles Eisenstein, the author of Sacred Economics, gave this inspiring talk to Occupy Wall Street, which is actually about growing “the bright side of the force”. This Star Wars inspired theme I couple with “the handicap principle“, which has a “bright” and a “dark” side; the selfish and the cooperative. Animals generally use just one of these forces… Read more »

James Kalb Interviews Nikos Salingaros on Architecture’s Influence on Society and Consumerism

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Interview by James Kalb of The Philidelphia Society, August 2011 Home sweet home? Nikos Salingaros, the mathematician and architectural theorist, recently published a new book, Twelve Lectures on Architecture: Algorithmic Sustainable Design (ISI Distributed Titles, 2010). It’s a somewhat expanded set of notes for a series of lectures he gave a couple of years ago… Read more »

Murad Alkufash: “Marda Permaculture Farm: Planting Seeds of Hope in the Occupied Territories”

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Murad Alkufash is a dedicated permaculturist. Considering where he lives, he must be. Or, perhaps because of where he lives he must be — as permaculture is a truly logical, and the only really lasting, solution to the problems surrounding him. Murad lives in the West Bank, and directly under one of the largest illegal… Read more »

Permaculture Pygmies

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by Xavier Fux Deep in the jungle of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pygmy communities had lived for generations as hunter-gatherers. When the Kahuzi Biega National Park was created in 1970 by the Congolese government, the Pygmies and other local communities were expulsed from the forest, their ancestral land, without receiving any compensation or any… Read more »

From Ideology to Technology

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by Øyvind Holmstad Michael Mehaffy and Nikos Salingaros are running a series of essays in Metropolis Magazine at the moment, they are all published here. I’ve no idea how long the series will run — hopefully forever. Anyway, it’s time to introduce this series to permaculture people, and I’ll be concentrating on the first five essays about the… Read more »

The Ghana Permaculture Nwodua Tree Nursery Project – Saving Lives, Granting Livelihoods, and Restoring Eco-systems

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The Ghana Permaculture Nwodua Tree Nursery was created in 2007, as a means of community income and to fight desertification, erosion, and diversion of water flow by roads, through reforestation. A collaborative effort of youth, women, and men founded the community nursery, and all members of the community reap the success of the profit as… Read more »

A Design for Life

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Click for larger view Courtesy: Marc Roberts If I wasn’t so used to such oxymoronic statements, I’d have already fallen off my chair after reading the below quote — in either hysterical laughter, or hysterical despair. I am pleased to stand before you this morning and confirm that Europe is closer to resolving its financial… Read more »

Architectural Myopia: Designing for Industry, Not People

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Photo by داود on Flickr We highlight a little-understood cognitive phenomenon that may play a key role in the maladaptive failures of the modern human environment. There are implications for our future ability to integrate built environments into sustainable ecosystems. By discussing vision we mean how architects interpret what they see in front of them, not… Read more »

A Developing Permaculturist from Tanzania Shares

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Original artwork, by Miraji Muganda Editor’s note: Many of the IPC attendees purchased artwork from Miraji — to support his efforts in Tanzania, but also just because he makes excellent drawings! My name is Miraji Muganda. I am a 19-year old Tanzanian boy doing permaculture in Tanzania, which suffers greatly from poverty and environmental exploitation…. Read more »

The PRI Restarts the Permaculture Teacher Registry

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Short Version If you’ve been waiting to apply to be a PRI PDC Teacher, we are now ready to receive your application (English only at this point — but read the rest of the post below to find out more about other languages). To apply, simply log into the Worldwide Permaculture Network, ensure you’ve clicked… Read more »