Shifting to Community-Scale Food Thinking

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This week I received all our yearly seed catalogs, and, as usual, started planning feverishly. How many is too many weird and wonderful heirloom watermelon varieties? And then I paused. Wait a minute, we’re aiming for community scale in our vegetable production this year. This shifts the goalposts entirely. I’m now realizing that, for our… Read more »

Rwanda – Forests of Hope

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Many of you will remember the inspiring and encouraging example of earth restoration found in the story of the Loess Plateau in China (see links at bottom). John Liu was the man heavily involved in this amazing and very large scale initiative. In this new video, below, you’ll see Mr. Liu turning his eyes toward… Read more »

Gold Coast Permaculture Connects With the Community

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by Vanessa Fernandes The Beginnings of an Urban Agriculture Project In conjunction with the Gold Coast City Council sponsored Active and Healthy Programme, Gold Coast Permaculture is initiating a series of workshops designed to encourage city residents to involve themselves in growing food for their own use as well as improve the awareness of permaculture… Read more »

A Lesson from the Cheonggyecheon Stream Restoration Project

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This Korean tale of an ancient stream which got paved over to make a freeway, before becoming a nightmare of congestion and stress for inhabitants, and then being painstakingly restored, at great expense, back into a stream and pedestrian zone again, is an excellent case for permaculture observation, planning, ethics and design. A little history… Read more »

Sustainable Agriculture and Off-Grid Renewable Energy

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Small integrated farms with off-grid renewable energy may be the perfect solution to the food and financial crisis while mitigating and adapting to climate change by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho Note: A fully referenced and illustrated version of this report is posted on ISIS members’ website and also available for download here. A Sarvodaya villager sells… Read more »

Jail Time for Planting Front Yard Garden?

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This is by-law madness, and it’ll have to change…. I rather blatantly encourage everyone to disregard dumb rules like this which would stop you from increasing your resiliency and demonstrating better use of your lawn space. The more of us who rebel against absurdity, the easier it becomes to legalise sustainability. I just hope you’ll… Read more »

Quail Springs – a Season of Growth

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The most frequently asked question of me lately has been about this past October’s flood and its long-term impact on Quail Springs’ work to demonstrate sustainable living practices. Looking to Nature for insight, my response uses the metaphor of a snake losing its skin. At first, the snake may be shocked and confused by such… Read more »

Letter to Mr. Steve Jobs, Apple Inc.

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Originally published on Apple’s planned new donut-shaped campus…. Dear Mr Jobs, Due to the wonders of the iPad, I came across your June 7th presentation to the Cupertino council of the plans for the new Apple campus. My excitement at the start of your presentation — expecting Apple’s cutting edge tradition to appear in… Read more »

Positive Examples of Agricultural and Community Transformation in Kenya

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I’m adding the following clips as a positive supplement to the preceding post. I think it’s important to see that positive work is happening, and that GMOs are not only not needed, but they are a definite threat to these excellent efforts. Permaculturists working, or intending to work, in Kenya could potentially find ways to… Read more »

Kenyans Demand a Stop to GMO Food Imports

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A press release from the African Biodiversity Network We demand the recognition of organic agriculture and other agro-ecological farming practices in Kenya’s agriculture policies and practices. The developers of GMOs have exerted great pressure to ensure that our recently enacted Biosafety Act of 2009 serves the interests of foreign agribusiness, rather than farmers and consumers…. Read more »