Permaculture in Vanuatu

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by Zaia Kendall, PRI Maungaraeeda, Sunshine Coast, Australia We hope to help the Ni-Vanuatu people restore their soil and improve the diversity of their gardens and their diet through permaculture We recently went to Vanuatu on a sponsored trip to initiate a long term permaculture project there. We were invited to come to Vanuatu in… Read more »

The Benefits of Being a PRI Master Plan Site

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by Zaia Kendall We just finished another PDC here at PRI Maungaraeeda, Sunshine Coast (Queensland, Australia). Everyone was very happy with the course, the food, the people and the experience! (See student feedback page.) We had a big surprise for the students in our course, when Geoff Lawton came here and taught the first two… Read more »

August 2013 Update for PRI Maungaraeeda, Sunshine Coast

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by Zaia Kendall The Earthworks course initiated the first week of August. As we were not undertaking a major Earthworks project on the property, everyone had a look at works already done on the property and a dam being dug elsewhere. Contour and surveying was taught and some practical experience had. The plants planted on… Read more »

Problem: Pollution — Solution: Biogas

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In this polluted world there is good news. We can create energy from some of our waste! by Zaia Kendall, PRI Maungaraeeda, Sunshine Coast Creating the biogas biodigester dome in our May 2013 Biodigester Course Debates about CSG (Coal Seam Gas) mining (otherwise known as hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’) are ongoing. There is also talk… Read more »

Prepared for Disaster

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Editor’s Note: The PRI Sunshine Coast starts their next Internship on February 11, 2013. Get in quick! After being flooded in again recently (an at least once a year occurrence), this time with PDC students and volunteers on the property, we are very happy we are somewhat prepared…. by PRI Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia Our… Read more »

Talking Teds

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by Zaia Kendall, PRI Sunshine Coast Using a safe deterrent for bush turkeys… A good friend of mine had a problem with a bush turkey (also called scrub turkeys, bush chooks and I am sure a number of other names not suitable for publication…). The bush turkey had decided to make a nest very close… Read more »

Superstorm Sandy – the New Normal?

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Pondering whether this type of weather will be the new normal, and how we can prepare ourselves. by Zaia Kendall A freak storm, never before seen. After the end of the normal hurricane season, this ‘superstorm’ developed and severely affected the Caribbean and northern US, killing people and causing devastation everywhere. But are we really… Read more »