Ram Pumps

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People are always fascinated by ram pumps. I think partly because they achieve the seemingly impossible task of pumping water to a higher height than the water supplying the pump, and they do it for no added energy input. This is often misunderstood as needing no energy, but even a casual understanding of the laws… Read more »

Permaculture and Managing Holistically

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I’ve been wanting to write and post this article for some time but have been hiding behind the excuse that I just don’t have the time. I suspect though, that it has been because what I want to talk about is probably a contentious issue for some and I’m generally a placid soul who doesn’t… Read more »

So Where Does the ‘Appropriate’ in ‘Appropriate Technology’ Come From?

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by Bob Corker and Tim Barker, PRI New Zealand (Koanga Institute) So where does the ‘appropriate’ in ‘Appropriate Technology’ come from? To me, it is technology that ‘fits’ well into a place or setting. You’re not further enlightened? Okay, I’ll make some generalizations and go from there. For the ‘technology’ part, I like W. Brian… Read more »

Rocket Oven Nitty Gritty

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by Tim Barker, Koanga Institute The first post on the rocket oven left many with more questions than they started with so this is a follow up to cover some aspects in more detail. It would probably help to re read the first article and my replies to comments as I’m just going to forge… Read more »

Rocket Oven! A Permanent Wall Mounted Kitchen Oven

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We’re using this awesome rocket stove powered wall oven for all the catering here at Koanga — it gets daily use and we’re loving it! The amount of wood required is minimal, a tiny fraction of what a regular wood fired stove would use. by Tim Barker During our last workshop at the Koanga Institute,… Read more »