Re-Mineralizing Soils with Bio-Fertilizer

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Remineralizing soils that have been damaged by shortsighted agriculture practices can be done using Bio-Fertilizer. This video shows you how to get started! by Theron Beaudreau Working with damaged soils can be a huge challenge. In the world we live in today, it’s hard to find soils that haven’t been damaged through agricultural or urban… Read more »

Support ‘Seeds of Permaculture’ – a Free Documentary About Tropical Permaculture

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Seeds of Permaculture Trailer While working as a site manager at a startup permaculture education center in Thailand I had the unique opportunity to participate in the filming of a documentary film about permaculture and, in particular, the education center I was helping to create. This film is now moments away from having an opportunity… Read more »

Teaching Permaculture Interactively

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Permaculture is such a hugely broad and challenging subject to teach. But it doesn’t have to be hard work. We can make permaculture education fun and interactive! by Theron Beaudreau How many of us have ever felt challenged by attempting to sum up permaculture into a 30 second ‘elevator speech’? What about a thirty minute… Read more »

My First Week at Thailand’s Newest Permaculture Farm

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by Theron Beaudreau In a rural village at the Southwest corner of the Isaan Plateau, just over an hour drive south of Thailand’s second largest city, Korat, a band of tenacious permaculturalists have just arrived at the site of their new home. Over the course of the next year, infrastructure will be erected, community and… Read more »

Imagine the Abundance – Your Urban Landscape

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The Urban Consultancy and Design Course experience at the Permaculture Research Institute. Imagine, you’re perusing the Sunday paper, thumbing through various articles, world news, sports, opinion pieces… yea, we’ve all been there. What feelings arise for you as the images pass by your eyes? Article after article, world news and local… everything seems so dismal…. Read more »

Another Internship Gets Underway on Zaytuna Farm

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My experiences learning how to rehydrate landscapes and develop myself into a Permaculture Professional through the PRI Internship Program. Over the past three plus weeks myself and 15 other cohorts have been fully engaged in farm life. And, although there are several aspects of this lifestyle that you might expect out of a typical farm… Read more »

Consensus, Community and Addiction

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by Theron Beaudreau A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus. — Martin Luther King, Jr. Our ability to cultivate the reality we seek is determined by our ability to communicate constructively. Community is the result of a conversation and, by the very nature of this conversation, community is… Read more »

Natural Building Fun!

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by Theron Beaudreau, Austin, Texas Building slipform walls out of woodchip mulch and paper pulp. We put together this video to show how fun natural building can be… especially if you enjoy getting a little dirty! Every Sunday I’ve been getting together with some friends to work on various permaculture projects. It’s something that’s become… Read more »