Report: Energy, Work and Finance

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Click to download report (2.6mb PDF) Politicians and environmental activists often make it seem as if a transition to a green, climate-friendly energy future were primarily a matter of finding and deploying trillions of dollars to replace fossil fuels, improve energy efficiency, solve energy poverty, and so on. But they seldom ask just what these… Read more »

A Timorese Forest Struggle

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Editor’s preamble: Unfortunately, the kind of story told below is being played out on a daily basis, worldwide. Most of these stories never reach us. It needs to be understood, I believe, that the invisible hand of the market, if left without ethical guidance, does not care about anyone, much less about people who live… Read more »

Energy Security For Whom? For What?

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670kb PDF Energy is never far from the headlines these days. Conflicts of all kinds — political, economic, social, military — seem to be proliferating over oil, coal, gas, nuclear and biomass. While some interests struggle to keep cheap fossil fuels circulating worldwide, a growing number of communities are resisting their extraction and use. While… Read more »