Another Internship Comes to a Close

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It’s project time and all the interns at Zaytuna are busy working away at their individual endeavors. The past two months has been a real roller coaster ride – a wild dive into a vast new world of information and knowledge and everyone is enjoying the practical opportunity now given to delve into their own… Read more »

Soil Biology with Paul Taylor

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One of the major global concerns we face today is the heavily depleted state and continued degeneration of our soil. Without healthy soil, we cannot produce healthy food and however obvious it might seem, the food that we eat directly affects the nature of our being. It’s funny how the most common sense is no… Read more »

PDC Teacher Training Course

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Ninety nine percent of the people who come to take a PDC do so because they are concerned — concerned about the state of their environment, concerned about the state of themselves, concerned about the state of the planet. They want to change something, to take action in response to the growing sense of dysfunctional… Read more »

Observations on Permaculture Aid and the PRI’s Project Aid Worker Training Course

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Interns at PRI’s Zaytuna Farm There are few things in this life as disturbing as the suffering of another human being. Perhaps one might be the fact that we the privileged have become so desensitised to it, so selfishly removed into our own little worlds of such great importance. Is it not the responsibility of… Read more »

Earthworks Course – Zaytuna Farm, The Channon, May 2011

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The sun works on an 11 year cycle over which it radiates heat at varying levels upon the earth. The cycle is observed by counting the frequency and placement of sunspots visible on the sun. Currently we are at a peak of the cycle whereby the sun is radiating a maximum amount of heat and… Read more »

To PDC, or Not To PDC

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I had some reservations about attending the recent April PDC course held by Geoff Lawton at Zaytuna Farm in Northern NSW. Doubt flared its fiery nostrils at me — doubt about the authenticity of the course and doubt about my own direction. The two weeks that followed was an experience I could have never expected,… Read more »