A Tip for the Strawberry Patch

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An easy trick for saving your strawberries from birds! by Mari Korhonen Here’s a little tip I learned last summer from a friend for saving your strawberries from getting munched by birds: Early in the season, before the strawberries start turning red, pick some little strawberry-sized stones and paint them red. When you scatter these… Read more »

My Beloved Weeds

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by Mari Korhonen I’ve been exploring the world of edible weeds, and so found a new layer of bounty in the garden! Edible weeds from left to right: Fireweed shoots, young galeopsis, lamb’s quarter, chickweed, thistle shoots peeled, and corn spurry. Things in the garden even way up here in Finland are well on their… Read more »

Finding, Growing and Processing Heirloom Apple Varieties in Finland

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A few weeks back we spent a weekend at my friends’ organic apple orchard and nursery here in Finland, where they were juicing the last of this year’s apple harvest. The timing was a little late, since the peak of the season had already passed, but our hosts were still eager to have a try… Read more »

Clever Rocky Mountain Greenhouses Give Major Season Extension

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In cool and cold areas the length of the growing season and the cold temperatures are the main challenge for growing things and supporting oneself. As part of the search for cold climate permaculture strategies I came across integrated greenhouse designs that seem to have a lot to offer to us in the cool climates…. Read more »