Open Source Beehives

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We are all too familiar with the Colony Collapse Disorder afflicting our precious bees. So much needs to be done to educate the mass (and beekeepers) about what bees truly need. The Open Source Beehives project is another powerful initiative marrying traditional designs with high tech equipment to promote healthier beekeeping practices. They have designed… Read more »

Carter’s Compost: Traverse City’s Bike Powered, Neighborhood Composters (USA)

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4th-grader Carter Schmidt is the proud CEO of Carter’s Compost, a bike-powered initiative that aims to build a more resilient community by recycling an entire neighborhood’s organic waste. The 9-year-old visionary is not only helping his folks’ urban farm but he is also encouraging members to grow their own food by redistributing the final product… Read more »

Seed Saver Exchange

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I sincerely hope you all share my happiness, enthusiasm and excitement when it comes to seeds. When I hold a seed in the palm of my hand, I see eternity! I also see an extremely loaded history. I see our collective future and so much more. Nowadays, when I browse my social network profile, I… Read more »

Invest in Humanity (video)

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In this compelling video montage (an artistic blend of TED talks, Burning Man, Samsara and others) Tim Jackson redefines our understanding of investment. It is an invitation to embrace a new form of economy; one bridging our shared past with our common future. In Tim’s words, "prosperity is a shared endeavor" and it requires first… Read more »

Teaching Patience in the Garden

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About two years ago, my wife and I started researching permaculture as another tool to our independence. We aspired to an off-the-grid life filled with freedom and presence. Our permaculture journey started in the Himalayas, as we helped an inspiring Indian visionary establish his Himalayan Farm Project. Until today, I have read a hearty chunk… Read more »

Ants – From Warship to Worship (Mexico)

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Another buckwheat being chopped down I started writing this article a few weeks ago as my war against ants started. Luckily, as all things in life change, or rather evolve, so did my thoughts and understanding of my ant problem. Being a true optimist, I did all I could to find opportunities in my problems…. Read more »

Permaculture – a Quiet Revolution: Video Snapshots of IPC8 in Brazil

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Editor’s Note: There’s still time to book for the 11th International Permaculture Conference & Convergence, to begin in Cuba in November, 2013. The 8th International Permaculture Convergence brought over 200 permaculturists to Brazil (a total of 43 countries represented) in May 2007, with the common intention to create sustainability through self-reliance. Vanessa Schulz’s short documentary… Read more »