Bamboo: a Great Building Material Gets Even Better

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The easiest, strongest, cheapest, and most durable material for building structures may now come from your garden. A new book describes best practices, and a workshop is coming up shortly in Australia. When architect Darrel DeBoer first encountered bamboo as a building material, he knew it was going to be revolutionary. He had a long… Read more »

Surviving in the Cash Economy Once Your Food Forest is Established

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Richard Alan Miller likes to tell the classic story of one of the first farmers who came to him for help. He had 400 acres in Iowa in corn, which was infested with burdock. He had tried everything — spraying, everything — and he couldn’t get rid of the stuff. The bank was threatening him… Read more »

Introduction to Weston Price

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This is an introduction to Weston Price for Permaculturists, because I think the two are natural allies (and so do some other Permaculturists I know). I first learned of Dr. Weston Price’s “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” (published 1939) from one of the Whole Earth Catalogs, possibly the Essential WEC published in 1986. When I got… Read more »

Six Recipes for all that Zucchini and Summer Squash

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Sometimes our problem as permaculture gardeners is the pleasant one of abundance! Here are six suggestions for what to do with the last of the summer crop of zucchini and/or squash. Hopefully you’re checking frequently and not letting them get too big, but these recipes will also work with the baseball-bat-sized ones (just kidding). These… Read more »

Winter is a Great Time for Gardening in ‘Mediterranean’ Climate Areas!

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Judith Goldsmith first promoted winter gardening in her book, “Strawberries in November: A Guide to Year-Round Gardening in the East Bay”. She got her first basics in Permaculture from an introductory intensive with Cathé Fish of the Sierra Permaculture Guild. Her food forest in the San Francisco Bay area includes three kinds of apples (one… Read more »