Australia’s Murray-Darling River Basin: Proposed Plan Another Brick in the Wall for Water Privatisation

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Comments yesterday by the Federal Minister for water, Tony Burke, following criticism of the proposed Basin Plan by the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, provide long overdue acknowledgement that a significant proportion of Australians do not approve of current water reform. The public is gradually coming to the realisation that, when given the responsibility of… Read more »

Strong Support for National Water Audit

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by Ian Douglas In welcoming the call by Federal Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young, for a national audit of water licence holdings, national coordinator of Fair Water Use, Ian Douglas, commented today, “We have longstanding concerns about the sale of water licences to overseas interests, as there can be little doubt that off-shore investors care less… Read more »

The Driest Inhabited Continent on Earth is Also the World’s Biggest Water Exporter!

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While the Murray-Darling Basin Authority apparently struggles to find even a paltry 7,600 gigalitres of water in its increasingly compromised attempt to restore the nation’s most vital and productive river system, a new report reveals Australia to be the world’s largest nett exporter of virtual water in crop, livestock and industrial products; exported virtual water… Read more »