International Permaculture Volunteer Opportunity in Uganda

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For all those seeking international adventure and to share their knowledge with those who really need it, the Australian Red Cross is looking for a volunteer to fill the position of Permaculture Officer in Uganda. The role is to help subsistence farmers to establish a sustainable, organic and community-owned food supply using permaculture techniques. Ligingi… Read more »

Putting Down Roots – Improving Asylum Seeker Food Security at the Grass Roots Level

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Earlier this year I came across a very inspiring program being piloted by the Australian Red Cross called ‘Putting Down Roots’. It teaches organic gardening to newly arrived asylum seekers in Melbourne, Australia. Many asylum seekers experience food insecurity from a lack of funds, as in Australia they are often not permitted to work while… Read more »

The Tale of a Local Community Network (Melbourne, Australia)

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I attended the Community Gardens Conference in Canberra in 2010. Myles Bremner, CEO of Garden Organic, Europe’s main organic gardening organization, was speaking about how surprised he was that in Australia there was no unified network of Community Gardens. In fact in Australia no one even knows exactly how many there are. This highlighted for… Read more »

Bee Friendly – a Planting Guide for European Honeybees and Australian Native Pollinators

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Bee Friendly Planting Guide (8mb PDF) I just came across an excellent new resource for beekeepers. It is published by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation and entitled Bee Friendly — a planting guide for European honey bees and Australian native pollinators. It contains over 300 pages of information on bee forage plants for… Read more »

Plant Families – Patterns in Nature

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Climbing bean flowers have only one axis of symmetry A practical thing botany teaches is too look at similarities and differences or patterns in plants. When growing vegetables you start to see resemblances between the plants and it can be useful to develop some general knowledge about how plant families are classified. I have found… Read more »

Incorporating Disability Access and Therapeutic Spaces in Permaculture Design

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Ilma Lever Gardens garden designed for wheelchair access When working in various gardens for community usage I found we often needed to consider access for gardeners of a range of abilities without compromising the overall function of the design. I want to outline some things I have found useful to make spaces disability-friendly whilst also… Read more »

Mulberry Gardens Food Forest

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Original asphalt It began with a large area of asphalt and a dream of expanding our community garden. Mulberry Gardens is in Glenroy, Melbourne, Australia and operates entirely as a communal space. All members share in the upkeep and harvest the produce — which is mostly shared amongst attendees at the Saturday morning communal sessions…. Read more »

Permaculture and Traditional Land Use in Morocco 2010

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Editor’s Note: Elspeth Brock makes a great post-course update on the Tribal Networks Morocco project experience. Wheat, almonds and wild flowers I felt in some way instantly at home in Morocco. Ait Attab in the high Atlas has a similar climate to inland south-eastern Australia, orange-purple soil, masses of erosion, the hot burning sun, and… Read more »