Permaculture Principles Card Deck

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As an offering to the world community, Gaiacraft presents a unique card deck which explores the permaculture principles in a dynamic new way. Featuring 64 principles, directives, strategies, attitudes, and ethics sourced from elders of the permaculture movement, this is a collection of foundational concepts that can support any permaculture design process. Mixing art, symbol,… Read more »

Village Repair: Permaculture Design Maquettes for Small Towns and Villages

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by Delvin Solkinson Download the free, open source printable files for 3 placemaking worksheets here : Placemaking Worksheets (PDF) The Village Repair branch of Gaiacraft is a local grassroots initiative growing in the mossy cedar rainforests of Mt. Elphinstone, British Columbia, Canada. In the Heart Gardens and surrounding downtown core of our coastal village, a… Read more »

Gaiacraft Workbook: Global Release

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As an offering to the planetary permaculture movement we have created a workbook of permaculture worksheets. This educational tool kit will help support your learning and teaching practice. In the spirit of a genuine love for permaculture education and in gratitude to the world community, this new learning tool is intended to help heal and… Read more »