Get an Invite to Richard Branson’s Necker Island: Become a Permaculture Designer, and You Might

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Permaculture designers Mark Garrett and actress Daryl Hanna, Soneva Fushi, Maldives Meeting Mark Garrett I can always recall the moment I first meet someone, the impression they made. But not Mark Garrett. How many years since I met him? I just can’t say. He’s one of those understated people, always chipping away at things in… Read more »

A Tale of Two Tokyos – Domestic Robots and Permaculture Bathrooms

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Written a year ago by Cecilia Macaulay Robot and charcoal-fired tea ceremony brazier Roving, roving. I’m now staying in Central Tokyo, at my usual home with the Ota family. This morning I reached for the broom, I got a surprise. Professor Ota came running out "No No!" He bent down, fiddled with something on the… Read more »

Start at Your Doorstep – John and Laura’s Shade-Garden Makeover, Inner Urban Sydney

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by Cecilia Macaulay "If you want to change the world, start at your back doorstep" said Permaculture’s Bill Mollison. John and his big sister Cecilia Here is the story of how John and Laura turned a shady dirt-patch into a little jewel-box organic garden.

Cecilia’s 13 Steps to Creating Beauty in the Permaculture Garden

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Introduction and article concept – Erin Marteal Words, pictures and illustrations- Cecilia Macaulay Intro: After encountering numerous objections to permaculture in the public garden sector based on a perceived fault in aesthetics, I’ve become keenly interested in the relationship between permaculture and beauty. (See background article, Permaculture is many things; Is beauty one of them?)… Read more »

How to Turn Astringent Persimmons into Enchanting Natural Confections, Japanese Style

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by Cecilia Macaulay This week I’m shopping for a persimmon tree for the Edible Japanese Garden I’m creating. Of course I will be planting a sweet, rather than an astringent, or ‘shibui’* persimmon. The sweet ones, such as Fuyu, are squat-shaped, and can be eaten either crunchy or yielding. The long-shaped Hachiya variety, the ones… Read more »