Taranaki Farm Videos

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How To Move Your Farm Animals Taranaki Farm shows you how to move a herd of cows, a flock of laying hens, some sheep and a stowaway frog in only 20 minutes… and in the process, heal farmland and local community. Autumn Rain & Keyline Earthworks Pairing Keyline Design farm layout to Polyface Farming methods… Read more »

Compost & Compost Tea Course – May 13th-15th

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Paul Taylor We’re very pleased to present the Fusion Farms Compost & Compost Tea Course with Paul Taylor coming up in May 2010 in central Victoria, Australia. It is a practical workshop on how to hydrate, enhance and heal your soils by understanding the soil food web and how to make biologically active Aerated Compost… Read more »

Keyline Plowing with Compost Tea Application

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This article forms part of a series concerning the development of methods of compost tea application via the keyline plow which are published on taranakifarm.com. Read the first installments here. Part IV: Re-Inventing the Herbicide Tank – Giving Destructive Equipment New Purpose Compost tea brewing requires the use of specialist equipment. Especially when you intend… Read more »