Pickling Garlic the Okinawan Way

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Making Okinawan pickled garlic is the perfect way to enter the world of pickling. Those who have the itch to make their own fresh, mouthwatering pickles are guaranteed success with this recipe. It is virtually fool proof — take it from someone whose first attempt at making sauerkraut yielded a moldy, smelly, and probably toxic… Read more »

Shock Doctrine: The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism

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People who are self-proclaimed "die-hard capitalists" seem to have a very simplistic idea of how capitalism actually works in the real world. They tend to dismiss valid, factual criticisms of the system as temporary problems in a system which will go on to benefit all. Any initial suffering caused by capitalism, they argue, will eventually… Read more »

Nuclear Energy: A Resource for an Insane Society

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Bill Mollison groups the earth’s resources into five categories. These resources are: Those which increase by modest use. For example, green browse that is uneaten by deer may become hard and unpalatable. Those unaffected by use. Some examples are a view or a good climate, hydroelectric power. Those which disappear or degrade if not used…. Read more »

Permaculture in One of the Most Densely Populated Cities in the World

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Why Hong Kong Could Prove Pivotal for the Future of Sustainability Hong Kong skyline Photo by Felipe Diez Seeing permaculture practiced in Hong Kong is extremely exciting because of what Hong Kong’s location, culture, and history mean for getting permaculture out to the world. The city had, until recently, the busiest port in the world… Read more »