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Got 10 minutes? Here’s a great little video of Geoff Lawton outlining the construction of food forests across three different climate zones.

Whether you live in the tropics, drylands or the cool to cold North American climate, there is something to glean from this instructional and entertaining video.

Watch it now!

One Response to “Designing Food Forests Across Three Climate Zones with Geoff Lawton”

  1. Chris McLeod

    Top descriptions. The cool to cold humid template is exactly replicated at the farm here in the SE corner of Australia. It is just the obvious response to the cool environment here. It just works. The real challenge here however is the very low humidity and very high temperatures over summer (Jan and Feb) which is a serious major challenge. I reckon the trick is establishing hardy shade giving fruit trees in the food forests and getting the companion plants very well established. Pears both fruiting and ornamental seem to be winning that race here at the moment. It is just tricky and it takes a lot of time.


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