Saving Our Animal Friends from Garbage and Goo!

‘Protected’ patches of land are the only spaces some creatures have left to explore, find food, and make their homes — away from all the angry traffic. But mucky rubbish flows all over the place when people put pollution into streams and rivers.

Plastic, metal, styrofoam and other manufactured materials clog up our waterways. So if you chuck stuff in the street you can expect to have to drink it later on. Ewww!

Our living planet and our earthling family are more precious than anything man-made. Why should companies make money by selling you stuff that destroys your own environment? Don’t buy it! And if you see a special spot in distress, have a think on how you can help. In some cases you can ask the council to clean up junk — but it could take ages, and why should they have all the fun!?

The mud might be squelchy and the rubbish is gross but it can be a great adventure to go out of the way to help out — and maybe meet a shiny eel or mossy tortoise — realizing just how closely we are all connected.

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