Seed Saver Exchange

I sincerely hope you all share my happiness, enthusiasm and excitement when it comes to seeds. When I hold a seed in the palm of my hand, I see eternity! I also see an extremely loaded history. I see our collective future and so much more. Nowadays, when I browse my social network profile, I am bombarded with beautiful images, inspiring stories and what seems to be an endless collection of new documentaries dealing with seeds!

I’m personally always eager and proud to share my own seeds — the beads I treat like pearls!

I’m not ashamed to admit that I collect and plant them quasi-compulsively! A nature walk inevitably ends with a new collections of seeds in my pocket. And when I don’t plant them, I make jewelry with them, sprout them, eat them, paint them… you name it.

Now, if you’ve also caught seed fever or simply want to grow and share amazing varieties, I strongly invite you to join Seed Savers Exchange (a not for profit organization founded in 1975!). You will be able to find an incredible variety of organic, heirloom, open pollinated seeds from around the globe.

Before you start your seed venture, make sure you get more familiar with seed saving (see here and here).

Here is an easy step by step video to illustrate how to feed your passion for seeds: