Greeks Return to the Land

Those who read Bad News, and Good News, for Greece, It’s Time to Re-Ruralise and Greeks Reclaim the Land to Ease the Pain of Economic Austerity will want to follow up with this encouraging video.

For the last several decades, modern society has been shaped by Big Business with a very narrow focus combined with an ill-thought-through economic system. The wonderfully ironic aspect of this is that in industry’s quest for ‘more’ — at any cost, and with little regard for medium- to long-term interests for people and place — it becomes increasingly unpleasant and/or impossible for the average guy on the street to endure the resulting circumstances. Hardships are piling up onto hardships — causing, or forcing, many of us to reevaluate what we want out of life.

The people of Greece know this more than many. With their economy grinding to a virtual standstill (today 56% of people below 25 years old are unemployed and the national total unemployment rate is now 26%), people are looking at ‘opportunities’ in a whole other light. They are effectively being squeezed into rejecting the system that has us in the vice. And, as we extricate ourselves from this very uncomfortable position and return to our roots, our very activities are a subversively positive blow to the shrinking power of Big Industry tied to Big Government.

For those of us whose countries have yet to spiral into economic collapse, we would do well to get ahead of the curve, and make our own start toward resiliency — before we are forced to do so. With enough of us making preparations we could significantly soften the landing as we repel down the slippery slope of the peak oil precipice.