Using Gutter Waste as Compost for Your Garden

One chore that must be done a few times a year is cleaning out the gutters of our homes. Many of us dread this chore and might hire someone to clean the gutters and get rid of the waste without a second-thought; however, the accumulation of leaves and other organic material in gutters can actually be a rich source of nutrients for your plants. Decomposing organic material in your gutters can be a free and effortless way to start a compost pile.

Since a successful compost pile needs heat, moisture, and aeration, a gutter provides ideal conditions for decomposition of leaves, branches, and other organic materials that are swept into it all year long. The resulting compost will be full of nitrogen and carbon, which serves as a conditioner and natural fertilizer for your soil. In addition, by constructively using your gutter waste to enrich your soil, you will also be reducing the amount of waste sent to your local landfill.

We not only used the gutter waste for our soil, but also gave our chickens quite a delicious feast of worms to enjoy. So next time you begin the chore of cleaning the gutters, make sure to collect and use the waste to enrich your soil with ready-made compost!