Permaculture Education in Poverty-Stricken South Africa

Home gardeners are supported by Rocklands Urban Abundance Centre

We are SEED, a 12 year old non-profit and Public Benefits Organisation that has been pioneering the growing of outdoor classrooms in under-resourced schools across South Africa. Learn more about our work via this video. Through the important work of connecting children to the ecosystems that support them, and bringing the miracle of food into curriculum and tummies of children, we have found that our work addresses climate change, job creation and career pathing, social cohesion and food security.

We are now growing Rocklands Urban Abundance Centre as an integrated teaching and demonstration centre that has a wide educational reach. The first Community Enterprise is already growing Gourmet Mushrooms for Pick-n-Pay and we plan to grow the education systems up as the next enterprise.

We seek to build an earth sensitive classroom that enables the growth of the education systems at Rocklands. We need $50,000 to build our classroom.

The process of building will be used to skill up locals and employ them to build.

The Post Carbon Homestead

We have already built the first two buildings at Rocklands Urban Abundance Centre:

Rocklands Urban Abundance Centre has already been awarded a Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award and is shortlisted for the World Design Capital 2014.

Please help us to go to the next level. We are already teaching: teachers, learners, caretakers and running tours from Rocklands.

We plan to offer the following trainings: Permaculture Design Courses, Youth Career Pathing for the Green Economy, Home Gardening, Mushroom Cultivation and more.

You can contribute to this worthy endeavour here. Thanks to all!

Five day teachers course outside the outdoor classroom