Do the Math! (video)


Believing in something demands integrity! It requires that our personal choices stack up against what we believe. If they don’t, we inhabitants of the Earth are liable to the charge of hypocrisy. Practicing hypocrisy ultimately destroys and we human beings have a tendency toward it. Closing our eyes, moving forward and pleading ignorance is no justification.

We need to open our eyes and look environmental reality square in the face! We need to have the confidence and the conviction that humanity can creatively, with thoughtful observation, good science and ethical intent, face the challenges of living perpetually on this amazing planet. With environmental crises at hand, we need to urgently, deliberately and courageously restore our capacity to live here in a way that considers the well being of all life and which respects the processes by which it was designed to function.

Permaculture is an important, solution-orientated movement that is steering humanity in a good direction, by example. It is having, through every practitioner, a global impact as local action and thoughtful design is applied to human habitat and agriculture. Permaculture gives us a practical and immediate capacity for action. And when we venture into the permaculture arena, we are challenged profoundly and ethically, to action. There is just something about permaculture that resonates with the soul and calls us to a new way of living. We can ignore it, or we can respond to it and begin to walk towards it through the choices we make about how we are going to live.

Right now there is a gathering movement of people who want to make those choices. They want to challenge the prevailing culture and the institutions that perpetuate harmful environmental activity. The mini doco “Do the Math” (video above) which originates out of the movement led by Bill McKibben will be an encouragement to many who have concerns about our way of life and its environmental impact. is taking on the cultural strongholds that relentlessly seek profit from the unsustainable practices that are destroying our planet.

Watch the Do the Math Documentary, but remember… believing demands an ethical choice. Our choices need to be moving us ever closer to a place of alignment with our amazing planetary home… to live in a way that compliments the way it was designed… to be a safe harbour for life. Challenging stuff! Be inspired by what is at stake!