Permaculture – a Quiet Revolution: Video Snapshots of IPC8 in Brazil

Editor’s Note: There’s still time to book for the 11th International Permaculture Conference & Convergence, to begin in Cuba in November, 2013.

Permaculture Student

The 8th International Permaculture Convergence brought over 200 permaculturists to Brazil (a total of 43 countries represented) in May 2007, with the common intention to create sustainability through self-reliance.

Vanessa Schulz’s short documentary is a condensed version of the magic that happened.



One thought on “Permaculture – a Quiet Revolution: Video Snapshots of IPC8 in Brazil

  1. Wonderfull video0, thank you so much from another person who is busy doing my design course with Geoff Lawnton! we MUST all stand proud and spread the word where possible without however appearing to be radicals as that turns people right off and closes opening doors!

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