Climate Change Adaptation Technologies – Permaculture Design Brings Results

Climate Change Adaptation technology: Stone Lines (The Sahel)
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It’s uber exciting to see simple design solutions bringing yields, low-carbon prosperity and health, to people who would otherwise suffer needlessly. Watch the excellent videos below to see how permaculture land management techniques are spreading across Africa and beyond, and giving communities an insurance against the growing threat of climate change — a problem these small-holder farmers had no role creating, but must deal with regardless.

When watching these videos, it doesn’t take much permie-imagination to realise the potential for a dramatically different landscape to blossom before our eyes — a polyculture-rich and mega-diverse network of interactive systems that compliment and feed into each other, providing sustenance, ecological stability, and the growth of real culture — one that isn’t feeding a destructive, linear consumer system that only benefits a few at the expense of the many. Kudos to the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) for putting these together.

Climate Change Adaptation technology: Fanya Juu Terraces (Kenya and beyond)
Rainwater harvesting (Uganda)
Land Restoration (Senegal)

Baira (chinampas) — The Floating Gardens (Bangladesh)

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