Put Your Questions to the Experts, Round 4b: Geoff Lawton

Geoff Lawton at the Zaytuna Farm entrance
Photo © Craig Mackintosh

This is Part B of the fourth installment in our popular Q&A series. In case you didn’t catch it on previous occasions, we added a new sub-forum titled ‘Put Your Questions to the Experts!‘, where our forum members put their questions to experienced permaculturists we’ll approach over the weeks and months ahead. First up to be the target of our combined curiosities and the salve of our perplexities, is the PRI’s own Geoff Lawton. Geoff, currently teaching at Zaytuna Farm in NSW, Australia, spends 80 minutes with us, sharing from his wealth of experience in permaculture teaching and consulting in dozens of countries worldwide.

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Q&A Round 4b -Geoff Lawton

Note: In this episode you’ll find the answers to the remaining questions of Round 4. We answered the first five questions here, before Geoff was called away in the middle, so this podcast answers the remaining questions for Round 4. The original questions for Round 4 can be found here.