Food For Thought – Permaculture in Schools (South Africa)

Watch the video below, and be inspired. I suspect that if many of our schools had been incorporating this kind of permaculture education over the last few decades, the world would today be in a far better situation, as many of the adults and young adults of the present generation would now already be eco-literate doers and changers. But, let’s not talk about what could have been, but instead do what we can to get permaculture education into a school near you….

This Afristar produced ( educational documentary offers step-by-step instructions on how to establish a permaculture garden at a school. Incorporating testimonials and case studies from all over South Africa, the film shows how permaculture in schools can:

a) improve curriculum delivery & provide practical hands-on opportunities for environmental education
b) provide fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables to supplement the school feeding scheme, improving meals, and boosting learner health & nutrition
c) invigorate school grounds, and thus children’s lives, with green, natural spaces
d) provide practical examples for sustainability for the immediate community and beyond.

The film showcases the work that SEED ( and FTFA ( are doing to bring permaculture into South Africa’s schools, and encourages this approach for all schools everywhere.

When I consider my own school education, dealing mostly in intangibles and learning by memorising information I was fairly sure I would never need beyond the exam, I could wish that all children could have such a dynamic and hands-on component to their education, so they can grow up feeling empowered — understanding how to work with the laws of nature which underpin all life on earth.