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As permaculturists, we have a great many solutions for the water crisis. From water harvesting to reed bed grey water systems, to watershed rehabilitation, there are common sense approaches to holistically restore eco-system services, rehydrate our landscapes and stabilise water flows and the climate. In the video above, however, we come face to face with forces that can undo the work of thousands of enthusiastic permaculturists with a few signatures on a market based, industrial contract.

We need to know the enemy if we’re to defeat it.

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  1. Robert Knops

    A good documentairy. I’m afraid their are more things we should be worried about. However water is a keystone for live. It’s nice to see that some people are fighting for our freedom, because that is treatend everywhere. If we don’t come together and fight the people who are blind and/ selfish than the people and the biodiversity on this planet wil be destroyed in a very short time to come. Ofcourse the people have to blame themselves, but the innocent are the other organismens. Personally i’ve lost hope for mankind, because even when 90% of the people are for live on this planet, then there are stil 10% against it and probebly they have all the power and a button to destroy us al (a very negative mindset, but based on other ancient civilisations around the planet). Greetings form the Netherlands.


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