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This is the second installment in our new Q&A series for our forums. In case you didn’t catch it last time, we added a new sub-forum titled ‘Put Your Questions to the Experts!‘, where our forum members (a very nice bunch of people by the way), put their questions to various experts we’ll approach over the weeks and months ahead. First up to be the target of our combined curiosities and the salve of our perplexities, is the PRI’s own Geoff Lawton. Geoff, currently teaching at the Greening the Desert ‘Sequel’ site in Jordan, spends 90 minutes with us, sharing from his wealth of experience. You’ll find the questions Geoff is responding to here, and you’ll find the answers to the Round 1 questions here.

Please note that this video ends abruptly due to a power outage at Geoff’s end. He was in the middle of answering a particular question at the time, and we still had a couple of questions to go. We’ll attempt to answer those unanswered questions in a subsequent video. Thanks for your patience.

If you have your own questions for Geoff Lawton, we’ve just started Round 3 of the Q&A series, so don’t be bashful — we’re here to help if we can. If you’re not a forum member already, it’s easy to sign up, and when Geoff and other experts aren’t answering your questions, you’ll find many more experts in their own right lurking in the various sub-forums — a friendly bunch who are always ready to lend an attentive ear and share from their experiences.

P.S. Those looking for other video responses in this series can search for ‘put your questions to the experts‘ on this site.

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  1. Kris

    The Q&A are very informative and look forward to the next one. The only suggestion I can make is trying to get the audio more clear. It is very hard to hear Geoff talk and Craig’s audio is very echoey. I think simply getting any type of microphone closer to the speaker would greatly improve the audio.


  2. Leo MacNeil

    If we have dumped wheelbarrows of leaves and twigs and branches into 9 by 12 foot area in a depth of nearly one foot deep, could we order a load of topsoil to be dumped on top of this and then throw grass seed to make a lawn grow?


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