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How To Survive the Coming Crises (free Geoff Lawton video)

At time of writing, our Zaytuna Farm Video Tour video has had almost 11,000 views, after only six months. A lot of people expressed their appreciation for this video, with some describing it as a "free DVD". Where we can, we want to provide more inspirational/instructional material for free, and today I’m writing to let you know about our latest effort towards fulfilling this goal.

How to Survive the Coming Crises

This is a FREE 34-minute video that looks at:

  • How to survive the coming crises — economic, food, water and energy — in a healthy and abundant way
  • Establish food forests with a step by step guide
  • Become survival confident with permaculture
  • PLUS: An exclusive aerial guided tour with Geoff of his water harvesting swales, dams and food forests
  • We were planning to release this video in early 2013, with other videos following quickly afterwards. But, we’ve decided to do an early release of this initial video, so we can collect signups over an extended period, so that when we do start releasing subsequent editions, more people will be ready and waiting for their automatic notification.

    So, please sign up here, watch the video, and early next year you’ll receive an email with a link to the next edition!

    Note: As per above, this is an early release, so please ignore the parts where I say "next week" in regards to the next edition.