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From May 30 — June 1, 2012, the 10th ASPO (Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas) meeting took place. This year it was held in Vienna, Austria. I haven’t had time to check out all of these presentations yet, but want to ensure you’re all aware they’re available to watch as you have time. Not having watched them all, I put the videos below up in no particular order, except for a little influence from intuition perhaps. If you’re not familiar with the Peak Oil topic (is there anyone left in this camp?), you might want to read some previous posts I’ve done on the topic: here, here, here and here for example.

Nate Hagens – Navigating through a Room full of Elephants

Robert Hirsch – The Impending World Oil Shortage: Learning from the Past

Jeremy Leggett – On the Verge of an Energy Transition

Euan Mearns – Unconventional Oil and Gas: A Game Changer?

Arthur Berman – Learning from US Shale Gas Experience

Reiner Kümmel – The Second Law of Economics, Energy, Entropy and the Origins of Wealth

Christian Rakos – Is Biomass an Adequate Substitute for Oil? Liquid Fuel vs Solid Fuel Approaches

Richard Miller – Reserves Uncertainties: Fallow Fields

Wolfgang Streicher – Energy Autarky: Potential and Barriers for Renewables

Pierre-René Bauquis – The Future of Renewables: A Look at Some Limitations

Christoph Chorherr – Urban Planning: a Key in the Post-Oil City

Ugo Bardi – Urban Challenges: Post Peak Waste Management

Peter Droege – 100% Reneweable Energy: More Than Just a Vision?

Steve Mohr – The Future of Unconventional Oil

Helga Kromp-Kolb – Climate Change and the Sustainable Use of Resources

Panel Discussion – Less oil more Problems

Panel Discussion – Political Perspectives on the Energy Transition

Roundup – Hohnen & Rembrandt

2 Responses to “ASPO 2012 Presentations”

  1. Paul Dore

    Hello Craig.
    Thank you so much for sharing these presentations.
    In response to your (rhetorical?) question on the number of people NOT in the know about Peak Oil, unfortunately, I would have to say (in Japan, anyway) there are a great number of people, most probably the majority, who know nothing of it. In my 10 years of living and teaching in Japan, out of 100’S (1000’s?) of students and teachers I’ve asked only 1 student knew about it. Funnily enough, he learnt of it through his time in an Aussie high school.

    In closing, thanks always for your work as editor.

  2. Craig Mackintosh PRI Editor

    It’s sad but true Paul – and it’s why we have to keep putting this info out there. Actually, two days ago I spoke to a classroom of young people, covering quite a bit of ground in regards to peak oil, economics, environmental degradation, and finished with some examples of what can be done to address them all. I think it was a bit of a shocking eye-opener from them. Thanks for your comment.


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