Blue Gold: World Water Wars (Video)

This is a must-watch video for all who need water (the rest of you are excused). I actually covered a lot of the material in the video in my Water Worries post, which I put together several years ago (but being one of the earliest posts on this site, when we had a far smaller audience, it barely got read, as evidenced by the fact that it didn’t attract even a single comment). This is a critical topic, and I’m pleased to say that, as did my earlier article, this video doesn’t just point out the problems, but also has an holistic view of the situation, so it also directs one to what must, and must not, be done about it.

One of the ‘must nots’ includes water privatisation — a sure way to ensure the incubation of ecological madness and humanitarian disasters, as the video will demonstrate.

One of the ‘musts’ is to restore the hydrological cycle — i.e. stop deforestation, whilst working on afforestation and restoring a healthy structure, and carbon, back into our soils (read my Water Worries post for more on this aspect). ‘Restoring the hydrological cycle’ sounds overwhelming, but in reality it needn’t be. Ecological restoration can occur very rapidly, once there’s the will to do so. That’s where altering our economic systems is key, as it can profoundly impact society’s priorities, and incentivise all kinds of sanity. At the moment, just as we have a ‘health care’ system that has no interest in prevention (as they’re making plenty of money out of our being sick), we have a privatised water industry that relies on dearth and despair.

Please take the time (1.5 hours) to watch this video, and to consider it well. The water issue is a critical part of the web of problems that need addressing — all of them being interconnected, and all of them, potentially, being solved by permaculture solutions, if we can only gain critical mass in objective perspective on them.

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