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Tiny Eglington, an old friend of mine from a farming background and now long-time permaculture practitioner and teacher, is currently in the Philippines where he had been visiting organic farms there. Tiny has been a big part of pushing organic farming in this region.

Unfortunately Tiny is now in hospital with serious health problems. He got an infection in his leg and with his diabetes and age it affected his kidneys.

Tiny is a born and bred farmer of this area here in Australia, and so was his father and grandfather. He has been an ambassador for permaculture since he took his course in 2007. He’s a real farmer convert, and he and his family are greatly respected in the Australian farming community for their ability to care for soil. I have heard him described as a soil-smith. He is also a very likable character.

Tiny did some incredible work for us in Namibia in very hard conditions and as usual produced heaps of food.

Tiny is now seriously ill in the Riverside Medical Centre, in Bacolod, in the Philippines. He urgently needs financial help to receive treatment. Things are desperate as his diabetes got the better of him a week ago and he has been languishing in palliative care because without travel insurance he can’t pay for his treatment. Right now tonight Tiny is facing losing at least one leg. His family have spent all they can. We want to attempt to raise the daily medical and hospital fees for the next 30 days. This will give him a better chance than palliative care and maybe a chance of an operation, so he can get out of hospital at least alive and back to Australia. This appeal is truly urgent for Tiny — he needs our help now. Your donation, however large or small, will get to the hospital and help Tiny one way or the other. Right now the hospital can put him on a dialysis machine and mainline antibiotics to stabilise him and bring him coherent. This treatment will cost $30,000 at least, but it is his last chance. Donate whatever you can, according to your means and we will get there.

If you would like to make a donation, please do so via any of the means listed here. (Be sure to enter a note mentioning ‘For Tiny Eglington’, and if you’re not sure, just email office (at) after making your deposit, letting us know the amount and by what medium you sent it.)

Thanks to all.

14 Responses to “Please Help a Permaculturist in Trouble”

  1. Peter Brandis

    The donate link is general donation page – how do we ensure this donation is allocated to Tiny?

  2. Carolyn Payne

    I am sending $100, and how about everyone else who has plenty to say on here, “dig deep”.

  3. Tala Jalynne Fuentes

    Sir, I made a small donation. I hope it will help. I hope Mr. Eglington is not alone in the hospital.

  4. Craig Mackintosh PRI Editor

    Hi Peter – please see the bracketed bit after the donation link. I’ve just added that for clarity.

  5. Heather Formaini

    Just about to make a small donation by ebanking. I shall mark it for Tiny.

  6. camelia

    Hi, I just donated 5 dollars – sorry don’t have much at the moment. Can u pls make it go towards this man – I forgot to mention it anywhere on your general donation link.
    kind regards and god bless him, Camelia

  7. Richard Stephen

    Tiny, get your ass over here to USA, in Madison WI. there is a doctor taking care of diabetic problems and they don’t have to cut your leg off. He already saved some people. Just google about the therapy or visit this site and other sites,
    there is also honey made in your contry called Manuka Honey,
    it helps a lot and get out of Philippines, all they can do is cut your leg off and clean your walet. Good luck to you.

  8. Aapo Leinonen

    How is mister Eglington doing rigt now? Has he gotten the necessary treatments?

  9. Frida Viklund

    Oh Tiny, I was so sad to read about all this…I’m thinking about you, wishing you all the best, hope my donation helps…

  10. Craig Mackintosh PRI Editor

    For those subscribed to this comment thread, there’s an update on Tiny’s situation here.

  11. Craig Mackintosh PRI Editor

    Latest news: Tiny’s foot injury for which many of our subscribers have assisted in the recovery is now about 98% healed. But, unfortunately there have been subsequent non related health complications.

    Tiny sends a sincere and deeply felt “thank you” to everyone in the Permaculture family who have assisted.

  12. Melissa Hoffman

    Geoff, so sorry to hear of your friend’s health woes. The absolute best I can offer is this resource for the reliable and complete reversal of diabetes from “the Geoff Lawton of medicine”, a practicing MD and researcher named Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD. The book is called “The End of Diabetes” and in it is a nuanced and proven protocol for complete health recovery, including the reversal of diabetes through nutrition alone. The book is available on Kindle, so can be obtained immediately. I cannot recommend this doc enough, as he has helped countless people get rid of their diabetes, gradually get off all medications, and recover health in multiple ways. All the best, Melissa


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